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How To Get Rid of Lamb Smell

Lamb is one great meat for high-quality delicious meals. However, if not cooked properly, it might have an undesirable after-taste and gamey smell. Although this odor is natural to lamb meat and other similar meats, there are some ways that you can do to get rid of lamb smell for a better meal. Here are some things you can do.

Wash it clean

Before you use lamb meat, you must make sure that it has been washed clean. The lamb smell might not really be coming from the lamb itself, but the bacteria that have stuck to it. The bacteria and germ may not just strengthen the lamb smell, but it may even cause food poisoning of not removed. Before you cook some lamb meat, use some clean running water and wash the lamb first.

Use some marinade

A classic way that most people use in order to get rid of the gamey smell of lamb is to soak it in marinade. There are many ingredients that people have used for lamb meat marinade but some of the most famous are lemon juice, vinegar, soy sauce, mint jelly and other spices such as salt and pepper. Letting them marinate for a few hours will not just take away that gamey smell, but it will also greatly improve the taste of lamb meat.

Milk bath

Some people suggest that soaking the lamb meat in milk can take away its unwanted odor and make the flesh a lot tenderer. If you will use some lamb meat for cooking, make it a habit to prepare the ingredients at least one day beforehand as it takes some time to prepare lamb meat. If you will use the milk bath method, you should soak the lamb meat over night for the best results. When you cook them the next morning, you will sure get rid of its smell and enjoy a festive meal.

Clean with yogurt

You might all know that yogurt contains a lot of beneficial live microorganisms. Because of this, when the lamb meat is marinated with yogurt, the gamey smell can be taken away. These microorganisms help remove the dirt and bacteria on the lamb meat. The yogurt will make the meat cleaner and a whole lot yummier!

Remove the fat

Lamb fats have a stronger gamey smell than the meat itself. It also has this pungent taste. You can simply cut out the fatty area of the lamb if you want a more delightful meal. Plus, the lamb fat might contain some contents which are not really advisable for your health. For a more flavorful meal with lamb meat, cut out those fats or grind the meat.

Proper storage

If you have bought lamb meat but have no plans on cooking it yet, you should store it properly to avoid the gamey smell and taste. You can take a container and fill it with icy water then place the lamb meat. Put this inside the fridge and replace the water every now and then. You might be able to get rid of the lamb smell through this method.

The gamey smell and taste of lamb is just natural. This is because lambs are grass-eating animals. Nevertheless, if this smell is what turns you away from eating lamb, you can try these simple tips to get rid of the lamb smell.

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