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How To Get Rid of Laptop Batteries

Do you need to get rid of your laptop batteries and replace them with new ones but do not want to spend much money for it? The fact is you can’t really avoid paying some cash because, since you will buy new batteries, you have to spend money. But what you can do is to follow some tips that can probably help you save money.   How? By replacing the batteries of your laptop by yourself!

If you want to replace your laptop batteries, below is are some  simple guideline. But before anything else, some important measures that you must remember is to make sure that the laptop isn’t plugged or in use to avoid internal damage. Most people who attempt to do this often get canned by this simple mistake. Also, avoid replacing the batteries with extreme temperature or near a water source. This is also to avoid damage to the laptop and save your life. Here is a detailed step-by-step procedure to get rid of laptop batteries and replace them with new ones.

Safety First

Turn off the laptop and unplug the charger. This is simple and practical. Again, you are doing this to avoid getting shocked and prevention of internal damage. Afterwards, you must close the laptop lid. Close the lid so you will protect the screen for further damage if accident were to happen (assuming you are not a bit of an expert).

Comfortable position

Pick a position that you are comfortable with when you are working. Either flip your laptop upside down or vertically. Choose whatever makes you comfortable.


Find the slot to unlock the battery pack. Do not just unscrew random nuts. Be sure to read your laptop’s instruction manual to find out where the lid is located. It will save you the time and trouble of looking for it yourself. Follow the method that the instruction says. If it can’t be opened by normal means do not attempt to look for a new opening. Most can be opened with coins or screw drivers but never force your laptop to open.

Remove the battery

Press a small gray button. Most laptops will have this. Some lights will turn on which represents the battery power. Reset for more clearance and to be sure they are getting the right reading. . If the button did not light up, the battery is safe to remove. Carefully, slide out the battery. Do not force it to slide. You might end up damaging the laptop and having spend more than you have to.

Place the new battery

After the old battery is taken out, place the new one in the same fashion. Do not force feed the new batteries if they won’t fit the laptop. It could be that they are of different size and not meant to fit. Seek a professional if this happens. Put the new battery in place and make sure it is installed properly and secured. Lastly, close the lid back and patch it back up as it was before you opened it.

For tech geeks, getting rid of laptop batteries and replacing them isn’t difficult. You only need to be really careful. Since most laptop batteries have become more complicated as time passes by, it is best to let professionals handle this. But of course, it won’t hurt if you do it yourself. Just follow these steps down to the word and it shouldn’t be a problem.

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