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How To Get Rid of Laptop Viruses

Are you a victim of online viruses? Do you need help of removing that junk out of your laptop? There are some methods along with some easy steps on how to get rid of viruses that has penetrated your beloved laptop. But before starting, try to analyze your laptop and see if it can be solved by anti-virus or normal means. If it can, then you have nothing to worry about. However if you find that the virus is persistent, then you may need to go into several steps into permanently removing all of that unwanted stuff out of your laptop.

A virus can target anything in your laptop from desktop icons to the core of your program files. With so many files in your laptop, there is almost a guarantee that the virus will stay dormant until a certain program activates it such as the internet. Spywares are annoying because it can sometimes give personal information to other people via the internet. Removing spyware takes several steps and programs to do and can be quite a hassle if unsuccessful. Viruses can spell trouble and could almost always require complete system backup. However, before moving to the backup, you can try out these tips and see if they work for you.

Use anti-virus programs

As mentioned, the easiest way to get rid of laptop viruses is through the use of anti-virus programs. There are some downloadable anti-virus software if you do not have one. Just simply check up your computer for the possible viruses and clean them up using the anti-virus itself. However, know that not every virus can be cured through the use of anti-virus programs. There may be some which are too serious for it to handle.

Anti-spyware programs

If installed to your computer, run the anti-spyware removal program. If not, do obtain it by whatever means and run it in your computer. Using whatever means, get an anti-spyware program and run it in your laptop. You may have to buy it but it is worth every penny since it is essential in cleaning up your laptop. However, in most cases, anti-spyware should come with your OS so there shouldn’t be any problems here.

Go to a technician

If you were not able to clean up the laptop virus, you can always go to a computer expert. You may have to pay for the services though! But do not worry as they know best when it comes to laptop viruses.


If all else fails, you might need to have your laptop reformatted. It is always good to have a back up storage for your files if ever this situation comes up.

Protect your laptop

Along with the useful anti-virus and anti-malware programs, you will be able to completely destroy any laptop virus or spyware hiding in every inch corner of your laptop. After the purging stops, you may want to maintain your laptop. For more efficient and safe web browsing, use Google Chrome or Mozilla to navigate those unsafe pages. Install anti-malware programs to further protect your laptop from viruses and never surf the internet with your firewall down. Another thing is to install the good old anti-virus and never forget to keep your antivirus updated.

The key to keeping your laptop virus-free is to equip it properly. If you have been victimized by viruses, try those tips and it may help you get rid of laptop viruses.

  1. sid Said,

    I got rid of the very irritating ‘auto-run’ virus on my laptop a few days back. I had the latest version of Avira antivirus program but it didn’t help even after running a full computer scan. So I simply restored my computer to the factory settings after making a proper backup of the hard drives. Since then I have made a habit of scanning my computer on a regular basis and also scanning any portable memory device before installing it on my laptop after which my laptop has never been infested with any virus.

  2. Nikhil Said,

    all the above methods are really effective, but u need to keep your antivirus updated atleast once in a week, if you have a genuine windows then i would prefer ” Microsoft Windows Security Essential”, but if your system is already infected then i would suggest you to use any boot scan program….
    all you have to do is download any boot scan software and either burn it to a CD or install it on a usb stick.. then boot your system and perform a boot scan…
    i usually use quick heal boot scan”..
    but i havent used eny boot scan lately because i was never infected lately..
    there is a Microsoft version of boot scan,.. i would suggest you to have a look at it…because who knows Windows better than microsoft

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