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How To Get Rid of Large Pores

Is that nasty bump staying on your face? Are you irritated by those stupid things that keep nagging you every time you look in the mirror? No matter how much you maintain and take care of your face, large pores will always be there like a bad weed. They are a part of you and it will take dedication to actually get rid of them.

First of all, if you have no idea what a pore looks like, they are the tiny, sometimes large, spots all over our body which secretes oil and sweat. Large ores can destroy one’s natural looks and beauty geeks are often baffled if they got a huge amount lurking in their face. While these skin freeloaders stay and show no chance of leaving your precious face, you need to get up and take action in order to minimize them.

There are rare instances when the slightest contact to the pores will either sting or hurt as if it were a bruise. If you have a skin condition or a skin problem, it is best to seek a dermatologist’s advice instead of following this thread. Doing so will minimize any more complication. But for those who want some real easy tips to get rid of large pores, here are the steps for getting rid of those annoying large pores.

Get steamed

Steam your face. Do not dip your face into hot boiling water. Heat up water until it’s warm. Be very careful though. If the water is smoldering hot, it could burn your face. Steaming your face can open those relentless pores and purge them from your face. At basin of the warm water, hold your head over it. For optimum results, drape your head with a towel.

Buy some juice

Take a washcloth and drench it in lemon and pineapple juice. Then put the drenched cloth over your face or the spots where the large pores are for one to two minutes. After that, rinse your skin with warm clean water. This is one of the efficient ways into kicking those pores out. Both contain the enzyme to make your skin brighter and purge unwanted large pores.

Cold water or ice

Another solution for large pores with tightening effects is cold water or ice cubes. Hold the damp cloth dipped in cold water or ice cubes for 15 to 30 seconds on those spots with pores. The cold will tighten your skin and minimize the size of your large pores.

Vitamin C

Have an appetite for citrus fruits. That means eat more of oranges, lemon and the like. The citrus fruits will contribute to increasing the elasticity of your skin and reducing your pore walls. For the best results, grab both the orange and tangerine then alternate. Citrus fruits will not just help you get rid of large pores; they will also make you healthier.


For the larger and bigger pores, there is toothpaste. Use toothpaste to expel the larger ones and leave your face clean and healthy. Although this has not yet been proven by experts, some claim it works just fine.

These are common tips and tricks to get rid of those unwanted pores. Of course, the rest is up to you. After having gone through all of these and your face is free of pores, you need to do well and maintain your face. That means bathe daily and avoid getting dirty. If complication occurs, go to a doctor.

What worked for you?

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