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How To Get Rid of Lawn Ants

Ants are probably one of the tiniest creatures that can become a nuisance to one household. Although ants are considered as wonderful insects because of their unbelievable teamwork, when they cooperate to invade your home, you sure will not like it. There are many species of ants that can march up and build their mound on your lawn. Some of them are generally harmless while other is quite dangerous.

When ants infiltrate your yard and create mounds on your lawn, people will be hesitant to hang around your yard as they may be bitten by ants. Remember, there are venomous ants that can cause allergies, irritation and nausea. If there are ants in your lawn, you should try to remove them as soon as possible. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get rid of lawn ants.

Boiling water

Pouring boiling water over the ants and ant mounds is one of the most popular remedies for lawn ants. Simply boil lots of water. For every mound, you will need about three gallons of water. You will have to use gallons and gallons of water to make sure that the ants drown and the ant mound will be destroyed. Even though ants are little, they are quite hard to get rid of especially if they come in one big colony.

Trick or treat

Ants love sweets and they will easily fall for sugary treats. You can use their weakness for sugar to attract them. Get small containers that ants can carry. Pour mixture of sugar and borax in the containers and place them near the ant mound. The ants will get these containers and will bring them to their mound. In about one to two weeks, the borax from the sugar-borax mixture will kill the ants.

Sprinkle grits

You can also lure the ants with bits and pieces of grits or oats. Sprinkle grits around your lawn, near the ant mounds. The ants will eat the grits and within just a few days, the grits will expand on their stomach, making it explode, thus, the end of one ant mound.

Orange extract

Not every ant will be killed when you destroy their ant mound as there may be ants that are walking around when you pour boiling water over their home. A good thing that will attract these ants is pureed orange with water. Just get some orange peels or the orange fruit themselves and extract it. Add some water and sugar then mix. Pour this orange juice on and around the area where the mound used to stand at. The remaining ants will be attracted by this and once they have come to your trap, you can now exterminate them all.

Plant mint

Ants do not like mint. They will stay away from gardens with mint plants. If you want ants to stay away from your lawn, you can start to plant mint. However, mint plants multiply quickly so you should keep them monitored once you plant them.

Use insecticide

If you want a sure effective and efficient way to get rid of lawn ants, you can opt to use insecticide. However, this is not advisable if you have a vegetable garden in your yard as it may contaminate the vegetables. You can also choose insecticide that is less chemically-concentrated. Just simply spray the insecticide over the mound and let it work by itself.

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