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How To Get Rid of Lawn Moles

Moles are tiny creatures that live underground. They are generally harmless and can even be beneficial as lawn moles feed on grubs, worms and other insects. However, when moles start to live on your lawn, you will find it quite annoying. They will dig holes on your garden and create mounds which look very messy.

Lawn moles are not that bad if you do not really maintain a beautiful garden to show off to other people. They do not really damage your plants and trees, but even help in killing insects that infest your plants.  Nevertheless, if you are maintaining a beautiful garden and lawn which is properly landscaped, lawn moles can be your enemy. If you want them to stay away from your yard, here are some things you can do to get rid of lawn moles.

Take away their food

Moles might have been attracted by the bountiful insects, grubs and worms that live in your lawn. If you have these creatures in your lawn, then you should start by getting rid of them first. Once you have removed the food resources of lawn moles, most probably, they will leave your lawn and move to another place.

Reduce the water resources around

Lawn grubs and worms multiply if there is ample amount of water on your lawn. Lawn moles need water to survive as well. As much as possible, you should reduce the amount of water resources in your lawn. For some time, instead of watering daily, just give those plants lots of water only about once or twice a week.

Create barriers

If you want those lawn moles to keep away from your lawn, you can create lawn barriers around. You can buy aluminum sheets from the hardware store and set them about three feet under the ground. Be sure to leave 5-8 inches of aluminum sheets raised from the soil level. This will hinder moles from climbing up the barrier.

Castor oil

Lawn moles hate castor oil. If you spread them around the area, lawn moles will go away. To properly apply castor oil, you should water the lawn first then spray the castor oil. After spraying it around the lawn, you can water the area again so that the oil will be pushed down to the soil.

Plant skunk lilies or garlic

Chocolate lilies or skunk lilies repel lawn moles. They emit a very undesirable odor for moles. If you plant skunk lilies, lawn moles will leave your garden to find a new home.

Another plant that lawn moles do not like is garlic. Planting garlic on your lawn may not just be good for keeping those lawn moles away, but you can even get some healthy garlic once your garlic plant has grown.

Get a cat

Cats and moles do not like each other. Cat litter are quite effective and shooing away those lawn moles. Just pour old cat litter over the molehills. If you do not have a cat, it might be good to get one so that it can help protect your lawn from moles.

Set up traps

Lawn moles are intelligent and they can easily sense traps but you can always try to trick them if you have the patience. Just track some active trails on your lawn, excavate the earth until you can fit a large jar or container. If you are lucky, a lawn mole will fall inside the jar and you can just release the lawn mole somewhere far from your home.

  1. Helen Said,

    How do I get rid of moles in my garden.?I’ve tried everything: gas smoke bombs, traps, spikes that are supposed to impale them, urine, human hair, attempts to drown, castor oil(mole rid spray), gum, moletox poison, poison peanuts, grub-ex, ultra-sonic chasers, soap/cayenne pepper/hot sauce/baby shampoo mixture, even trying to electrocute those bastards with some bare extension cord wire plugged into a easily trappable office spike protector. None of that crap works, believe me, so don’t bother trying it. These things are driving me crazy, I’ve switched to container gardening because they dig tunnels by the roots and all my plants dry up or the mice get in the tunnels and eat on the roots and bulbs. I am at the point where I think I really can’t do a darn thing about it. I fell like Bill Murray in Caddie Shack because they are laughing at my feeble attempts

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