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How To Get Rid of Lawn Moss

Moss is actually not a kind of weed. Although at some point, it can be considered as annoying as those wild grasses and weeds that grow on your lawn. Moss begins to take over a garden when there are bare areas with no foliage growth. It does not directly kill other plants on your garden, but they overtake by the nutrients from the soil that your plants should be getting. Those homeowners who have experienced dealing with uncontrollable moss growth know how much of a nuisance moss can be.

If there is moss growing in your garden, you should not just watch it overtake your lawn. Yes, moss can give that natural touch to a garden but once they start to take advantage of your lot, you will never think it is attractive anymore. When you see the first signs of moss appearing on your lot, do not think twice about keeping them under control. If you want to eradicate it from your lawn, here are some things you can do to get rid of lawn moss.

Liquid dish soap solution

A safe and effective means of getting rid of moss in your lawn is to use liquid dish soap and water solution. Simply mix one cup of liquid dish soap and a gallon of water. Drench the moss using hand sprayer. Within just a day, you will be able to see the difference that this solution can make. About 24 hours after spraying the solution, the lawn mosses will most likely turn brown and after a couple days more, it will dry up and you can just take them away from the soil.

Moss killer products

There are several products that can kill moss which are available in the local market. Unlike other herbicides, moss killers are not too threatening for the environment. This is because moss products contain iron and sulfur. These elements can kill lawn moss, but they serve as nutrient for other plants and grasses. However, moss killers can only temporarily kill those currently existing moss. Further preventive measures should still be taken if you do not want moss to appear on your lawn again.

Plant more

Moss grows on empty spaces on your lawn. If you plant more trees and flowers, there will be no place for moss. It is a good idea to over-seed those bare areas of your lawn in order to keep moss away.

More light

Shaded and damp areas make way for moss growth. If there is more sunlight, moss will be discouraged to grow in your garden. As much as possible, remove those barricades that hinder sunlight from reaching your garden.

Make your lawn grow

A properly trimmed lawn will look great but too much trimming and mowing can make your lawn grow weaker. If this happens, moss can easily take over it. You should only trim your lawn when necessary and keep the grass at least two inches tall.

Thicker soil

Plants will not grow well on shallow layer of soil. If your soil bed is just about four inches deep, you might want to consider adding a few inches of nutritious soil in your lawn as plants will have a hard time growing, but moss and weeds will enjoy it. Of course, this will mean you will have to remove those plants and layer some inches of soil again. If you are okay with the idea of re-making your lawn, you can do it during winter when your lawn is free of plant growth.

Call a gardener

If you want moss to go away but do not know what to do, the best option is to call a gardener for help.

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