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How To Get Rid Of Layered Hair

A nice layered haircut can make a person appear cute and fine. Choppy layers are quite trendy and never go out of style. Layers can give your hair great volume and make it seem more vibrant. It is also advisable to get some layers if you have thick hair and want to get rid of that big, fluffy hair. However, if you have had layers for some time, you might feel like you need to get a new hairstyle and set aside those layers first.

There are different tricks that you can do with your hair to get rid of layers, or at least, to hide those different layers of your hair. Mostly, you just need to know some different styling methods and you can instantly turn your layered hair into a fantastic new hairstyle. If you want to transform your hair layers into other styles, you can try this simple methods and helpful tips for getting rid of layered hair.

Get a haircut

Of course, if you really want to get rid of layers in your hair, you have to get a haircut to have the layers equally leveled. You can either cut your hair by yourself or visit a hair salon. If you do not know much about hair, it is advised that you get your hair done by an expert.

But if you think you can manage by yourself, then you can get a big mirror, comb, hair scissors, some water spray, and start cutting your hair. Just simply create sections on your hair. Pattern everything with the shortest layer. Comb your hair straight, away from the scalp. When you see the uneven tips, cut it until they are of equal lengths. Continue with the rest of your hair.

Straighten your hair

When you straighten your hair, you cannot really get rid of the layers but, you can appear like there are no layers at all. Simply get a hair iron and iron your hair until it is super straight that the short layers are blending in with the long layers. Add some hair shine or suave so that the short layers will not turn kinky.

Curl your hair

Same with straightening your hair, you cannot really remove hair layers when your merely curl it. However, when you curl your hair, different layers will be hardly notice. Just get some rollers or curling iron and use it to curl your hair. After you have done turning your layers into locks, you will not be able to distinguish the different layers anymore because they all the layers are curled together.

Blow dry your hair

You can add volume to your hair when you blow dry it. After showering, you can style your hair with a blower. You only need a blow dryer and a brush. Just run the blow dryer from your hair roots to tips. If your hair to have that fly away, spiky look, run the brush from the roots and roll it away when you reach the tips of your hair. If you want them gathered, run the brush the other way around.

Do some cute styling

Obviously, when you gather your hair in an updo bun, ponytail or pigtails, the layers of your hair will not be noticeable. You can also try doing some braid styles for a more lovely touch. When you fix your hair into different styles, people will not really care whether you have a layered hair or a straight one. They will only see how cute your tied up hairstyle is.

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