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How To Get Rid Of Lazy Eye

A common problem that most people face today is Amblyopia or commonly known as “Lazy Eye”. Many different ways are offered in order to get rid of it. This eye condition greatly reduces vision and can be very annoying since it hinders you from having a complete vision. This problem can be a major one if not handle properly or checked by a professional in the early stages of the problem because lazy eye has to do more with the brain than with the environment. The situation that occurs when having a lazy eye is that your brain doesn’t interpret what the human eyes see properly and it starts usually with one eye and then moves on and infects the other eye too.

A normal pair of eyes will work together. Where one eye focuses, the other sees too. But in cases of people of lazy eye, only one eye can see properly and the other appears to be looking somewhere else. It is like having one eye that is cross-eyed. Because of the many disadvantages that a lazy eye can give a person, it should be treated as soon as the symptoms of lazy eye surfaces because if a lazy eye is left untreated, it can become permanent. So if you are suffering from lazy eye, or a friend of yours is, here are some simple tips that you should keep in mind when trying to get rid of lazy eye.

Have a regular check up with the eye doctor

It is very essential that you detect this eye infection as early as when a child hits 8-10 years old because it develops as he gets older. Not minding it will actually cause you more damage than good. In order to treat the lazy eye, you must go to an eye doctor because only he can give you the best advice for your condition.

Get eye supporting items

In most cases, people with lazy eye are advised to buy a pair of glasses to lessen the detrimental effect of the lazy eye on their vision. You can visit the optometrist to check the perfect eyeglasses for you. Also, there are some special eye drops that can be used in relieving lazy eye. However, you might need a medical prescription before you can buy eye drops for lazy eye.

Surgical treatment

There are some special treatments that you can undergo in order to fix lazy eye. The doctor might advise you to undergo certain surgical procedures which can fix the reduction of sight by telling your brain or “wiring” it to use the lazy eye. This process involves on patching the good eye and making your lazy eye do the work in a form of exercising it to strengthen its core.

Topical Atropine

There is a drug that they use on you which is called Topical Atropine. It optimizes your eye and fixes it. However, it is advisable not to overemphasize on the lazy eye and treating it with multiple treatments which will backfire on you; damaging your good eye also making it 2 lazy eyes resulting in a blindness.

Eye patch

Some people with lazy eye who do not have enough money to undergo lazy eye treatments just opt to use eye patch. Although using an eye patch will not really treat the lazy eye, it is can be a way to hide your insecurity.

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