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How To Get Rid Of LCD Ghosting

Everybody would like to have a beautiful, high definition LCD television. Of course, who would not like to watch their favorite TV show or movie on a big screen with well-defined pictures? Even gamers would have a whole new level of fun playing if their game console is connected to a high-definition LCD monitor. The state-of-the-art LCD monitor innovation indeed has a lot of benefits. It has made television watching and video game playing more enjoyable. Plus, another advantage of LCD monitors is that most of the televisions of this kind are equipped with energy saving feature. So if you want to have a better screen to watch your favorite show on and cut your costs at the same time, you can get an LCD television.

However, along with the advantages brought by LCD televisions, disadvantages can come up too. Although LCD televisions are quite cost-efficient, it is actually more prone to damages than that old, faded-colored TV of yours. LCD televisions are quite sensitive and it can incur damages and problems more often than other types of television. One of the most common complaints of the LCD television users is LCD ghosting. LCD ghosting happens when the previous frame displayed by the monitor seemed to be stuck in the background even though you have already flipped around other TV channels. Just imagine having two different frames on your LCD TV while watching – very annoying right? Do not worry though; there are some things you can do to get rid of LCD ghosting.

Check your cable network

A lot of times, users think that their LCD has a ghosting problem when in fact; it is the cable network that is experiencing some technical problems. Before you tinker your LCD TV, you must check first if it is the TV or the cable network that is causing the disturbance. One thing you can do is to flip along the different channels and see if the LCD ghosting stays. You can also open another non-LCD TV in your home and see if the ghosting appears in other channels as well. If all your TV’s have the ghosting image, then it might be the cable network that is down. Try calling your cable network provider to ask about the ghosting problem.

Check your TV response time

Most people do not really know about their television’s response time. But in fact, it should be greatly taken in consideration when buying a new TV. The TV response time is basically the measure of how fast or slow the TV frames are changed when you flip into other channels. Usually, TV response time is indicated by 8 MS, 16 MS, 20 MS and a whole lot more. The MS stands for milliseconds. The lesser the MS is, the faster the response time of your TV, and the faster the response time of your TV, the lesser the risk of encountering LCD ghosting.

Go to the store where you bought your TV

While most of the TV manufacturers say that their LCD TV has a fast response time, it is not almost always true. What you can do is to check the response time of your LCD TV which you can see in its box or manual. If it says that the response time is fast but it does not really jive with what is happening to your TV, as you experience LCD ghosting every time you flip channels, you can file a complaint to the store where you bought the TV.

Bring your LCD TV to the technician

If the LCD ghosting seems to stay permanently on your TV, you can just go to the technician and have your TV fixed. You might need to pay for the services but at least; you will save money compared to buying a new LCD TV.

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