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How To Get Rid Of Lead Paint

Colorful paint can make all the difference in the structure of a house. It enlightens the whole environment in one home. One of the most common types of paints that are usually used to lift up a house’s ambience is lead paint. Lead-based paint is affordable and quite conventional. However, when lead paint starts to get damaged, it must be removed all in all as lead paint is highly dangerous, especially to expecting mothers and little kids.

If your house is painted using lead paint and it is starting to chip off, maybe it is time to remove the paint and replace it with a new wall color that is not lead-based. Before, removal of lead paint is only entrusted to professionals but now, you can get rid of the paint by yourself, with a little help of some products. If you want to know more about how to get rid of lead paint, here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Gather up the things you need

Of course, first and foremost, you have to gather up all the things you need before you can work. It is better to have everything prepared instead of going to the market to get one material then going back home, and all over again. So to save yourself from going to trips here and there, prepare bristle brush, putty knife, garbage bags, sand papers, and a bucket of water and paint stripper, preferably water-based chemical stripper. You can get paint stripper at almost any home improvement or hardware store.  Once you have all these things, you can now start working.

Wear protective gear

Lead is a harmful chemical and as much as possible, you should not get in direct contact with it. Wear protective gear all the time like long sleeved shirts and pants, hand gloves and mask, while you work to get rid of lead paint.

Apply the paint stripper

Simply follow the instruction printed on the label of your paint stripper. Usually, you only have to use brush or sprayer to apply the paint stripper. Before sunset comes, apply the paint stripper and just leave it overnight for the chemicals to work and react with the lead paint.

Rip off the lead paint

Come morning time, you are now ready to remove the lead paint. Using your putty knife, simply scrape off the paint from the walls. Because of the chemical stripper, the paint should easily come off in sheets. Just keep on stripping the paint and place all the waste on the garbage bags.

Do not just throw away the garbage bags full of lead paint sheets afterwards. Remember, lead is a hazardous chemicals and improper disposal of it may contaminate the land, water and air. You can contact your local government about how to properly dispose of lead paint.

Sand and wash

After you have removed the paint, you can now sand up the wall. It might be a bit daunting to sand up the whole surface so you can just focus on rough spots. You can also ask someone to help you out to make the job faster. Then, when the surface has been smoothed out, simply rinse your wall using water and let it dry. If you are planning to repaint the surface, apply a primer first.

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