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How To Get Rid Of Leaf Miners

Leaf miners are probably the worst kind of insect that gardeners will encounter. This is because leaf miners lay their egg inside the leaves of the plant, right between the top and bottom surfaces of a leaf. For this reason, leaf miners will be a pain to remove because you cannot really just use insecticide to kill them, as your plants will most probably get harmed when you use strong chemicals. Moreover, leaf miners infestation does not just occur once in a blue moon but they can last for one whole season or more. Once you get infested with leaf miners, they will just multiply and they usually last up to four generations before they can be fully eradicated.

Leaf miners bring nightmare to those with green thumbs. While it is very challenging to get rid of them, it is not impossible to remove these insects from your garden. So if a leaf miner infestation has begun in your yard, here are some things you can do to get rid of them.

Pesticide treatment

As mentioned, chemicals are not really too effective in killing leaf miners but there are certain chemicals that can lessen the burden caused by these leaf miners. If the infested plants are still young, you can use pesticide with Imidacloprid to help kill the leaf miners and protect the plants as well. Simply get Imidacloprid pesticide and follow the instruction on how to use the solution. Then, use it around the soil where the plant is growing. Wait for a couple of days and see if there is any improvement.

For plants that have already grown up, you can use pesticide that contains Dimethoate or Maldison. Dimethoate pesticide works fine with small plants and Maldison for big trees like lemon trees, which are the number one target of leaf miners. Just follow the directions on how to use these pesticides.

Plant some more

Leaf miners love to infest new and fresh plants rather than old ones. So if you want to protect your old plants, what you can do is grow some more plants which you are not really too interested with. The new plants will serve as a lure to the leaf miners, so instead of infesting your beloved plants and trees, they will settle into the new plants and then, you can remove these plants where the leaf miners have transferred too.  Afterwards, you can just dispose the plants properly and protect your existing ones so they will not be subject to leaf miners infestation again.

Trap with pheromones

Pheromones are great in luring leaf miners so you can just get traps and use pheromones as baits. Once the leaf miners find the pheromones, they will quickly go after these so you have more chance of being successful in trapping those leaf miners. You can get pheromone traps for leaf miners in gardening stores. To set up the trap, just follow the manual that comes with the trap when you get one.

Prevent leaf miners attack

The best thing you can do is to protect your plants even before the infestation begins. You can actually detect when these leaf miners are starting to attack if you will regularly check up your plants or put sticky traps around.

You can also use insect and pest repellent like BioNeem to protect your plants from harmful insects and pests.

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