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How To Get Rid Of Leaf Rollers

There is an existing long list of different kinds of species that can attack your plants and trees. One of these common pests is the leaf rollers. Leaf rollers are actually just caterpillars that roll a leaf to form their pupae. They will now feed on this rolled leaf while they inhabit inside it. This mechanism of leaf rollers can greatly damage a tree or plant. That is why if you spot leaf rollers in one of your garden plants, be sure to take action right away to prevent them from wrecking your whole garden.

Leaf rollers are not really too damaging if there are just a few of them. But when they spread and get into your plants’ fruits, which is when the infestation becomes greatly alarming. There are several ways on how to get rid of leaf rollers. If you suspect a major infestation of leaf rollers in your garden, just try doing these following methods.

Catch the leaf rollers

While it might seem quite disgusting to manually pick those leaf rollers, it is one of the best things you can do to prevent further damages. First thing you have to do is to assess the damage of the leaf rollers. If there is only an immaterial number of leaves that have been infected, then there might only be a few leaf rollers around. Next thing you should do is look for the leaf rollers themselves. Once you have found them, wear your protective gloves, cut through the rolled leaves and pick the caterpillar. If you find this method disgusting, you can always ask a friend to help you extract the leaf rollers. Then, when you have caught the leaf rollers, burn them or throw them away to a place far away so that they can’t come back to your lot.

Cut infected leaves

Leaf rollers are usually solitary and isolated cases. If there is no sign of a big breakout, you can just look for the leaves that have been damaged by leaf rollers. Then, simply cut the infected leaves and dispose it properly. Do not worry about cutting some parts of your plant. It will still grow provided that the leaf rollers have not done much harm yet. But after you have cut off the leaves; be sure to take additional prevention measures to reduce the risk of reinfestation.

Introduce lady bugs

Lady bugs feed on several garden pests including leaf rollers. What you can do is to get some lady bugs and release them on your garden. Lady bugs are quite friendly insects and they are beneficial to gardeners. They do not also pose harm to humans but of course, you still have to keep an eye on those lady bugs while they feed on the leaf rollers around.

Apply BT treatment

Bacillus Thuringensis insecticide is known for its potency in killing several species of garden pests. One type of the pests that they can eradicate is the leaf roller. You can acquire BT insecticide in almost every gardening store. Just follow the instruction printed on the label of the insecticide when you apply it to your plants. Once the BT treatment has been applied, the leaf rollers will be discouraged to eat the plants, and they will starve to death. However, BT insecticide only lasts for a couple of days and you might need to reapply the solution every now and then.

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