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How To Get Rid Of Leafhoppers

Leafhoppers are garden insects that suck the extract from your plants. They are given the name leafhoppers because they hop from one plant to another when you try to disturb them. Leaf hoppers look like little wedge-shaped creatures that is just about a quarter of an inch long. They are somewhat similar with grasshoppers. These leafhoppers are usually color green and stay under the plant leaves so it is quite hard to detect if there are leafhoppers around your yard. However, when the leafhoppers have already multiplied in number, you can easily notice that your plants are getting less and less livelier. Because of the damage that these leaf hoppers can bring, you must get rid of them right away.

Leafhoppers are not really hard to get rid of. In fact, with the right approach and methods, you can easily ward off those leafhoppers from your garden. Do not wait until your plants die. Try these simple tips and tricks on how to get rid of leafhoppers to keep your garden alive.

Detect the leafhoppers

You cannot start getting rid of the leafhoppers if you do not know where they are. You can easily confirm the location of leafhoppers when you walk around your plants and try to shake them. These leafhoppers will then hop like mad unlike other insects.

Wash them away

Washing the leafhoppers away is one of the best methods to remove those pesky insects from your yard. All you need to do is a high-pressure garden hose. Just use the hose to shoot a strong stream of water and wash the leafhoppers away. You should try washing every leaf of your plants, particularly the underside of the leaves because that is where the leafhoppers will most likely linger at.

Get some predatory insects

There are several predatory insects that can help you get rid of leafhoppers like bees. If you attract these bees and they land on your plants and saw the leafhoppers, they will feed on these insects. To attract bees, you can add some sweet, flowering plants in your garden. However, this method is only advisable if you are okay with bees hanging around your yard even after the leafhoppers have been removed. Anyway, bees are beneficial insects so you can let them pollinate your plants.

Set up traps

Those yellow sticky insect traps that are often used to get rid of pests and insects are quite effective with leafhoppers. However, it is a bit inefficient to use these traps because it might take a long time before you can catch all the leafhoppers around. Nevertheless, it is still worth a try. Simply get yellow sticky insect traps and set them up on your garden plants.

Spray insecticidal soap

If the infestation is already serious, you can use insecticidal soap to eradicate those leafhoppers. While it is not recommended to use chemicals on your plants, you do not really have any other better choice than to use insecticidal soap. You can get insecticidal soap from gardening shops or you can make your own solution. To avoid spraying too much unwanted chemicals on your garden, you can opt to get “organic” or other “green” insecticidal soap.

Call the gardener for help

Leafhoppers can kill your plants if you are not able to stop them right away. If you cannot get rid of them by yourself, you can call the gardener for help.

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