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How To Get Rid Of Leeches

There are many people who take nature walks and turn it into their hobby. Some even have their home represent a little of the wild they love so much. Spending time to be in tune with nature brings a little bit of joy and can help you stay healthy. From time to time, it’s never a bad idea to go camping or to go out in a forest for a walk. But as forests and campsites sound exciting, they all have things that you need to look out for – bears, skunks, supply shortage, anything. As well as you are prepared for all of this, there is nothing to worry about right? Wrong. There are some things that can happen, especially when you don’t know what that is. For instance, there are small things that are as dangerous as the big ones, like leeches.

Leeches can live in watery environment like swamplands and damp areas in the wild. But that doesn’t stop them from inhibiting your home. And yes, they are capable of attacking you even at your own territory. If you have leeches around your pond, it is more likely that they live there permanently. You can’t take a dip there without fear of a leech attack. Leeches love to attach to your skin and suck the blood out. It’s a nasty creature and you want them gone fast. To make things worse, when you remove them incorrectly, part of their mouth will stay attached to your skin. These pieces can cause infection. There are ways to kill leeches, but most require destroying the ecosystem. Since you are environment friendly, here are tips to reduce the population of these blood-sucking creatures from your pond.

Gather your items

Before starting, gather these first: a coffee can with lid, nails or a knife, raw meat, and a rock. These will serve as the catalyst for the leech trap you will use to lure them in and get them to where they should be and out of your pond.

Place the trap

First, poke about 1/8 to 1/6 inch holes in a coffee lid with the nail or the knife. Now place some raw meat like chicken, beef, or liver inside the bottom of the coffee can. The meat placed can vary from 1-3 lbs.

Now cover the coffee can with the lid you poked holes on. Make sure the meat is inside and steady. Submerge the can with raw meat into the pond. Place a rock on top of the pond to keep the can from falling over. These next steps require patience. It’s really a waiting and checking game from here on out.

Let the flames fly

Check at least twice a week to see of the leeches infests the can. Burn those you find inside the can. Make sure you do this in an open area to avoid unnecessary incineration. Before returning the can back in the pond, remove sticks and other debris that leeches can hide on. This will further decrease the population of these leeches.

Fight their infestation with your own poison

Well, poison to them that is. Pond-Clear Natural Bacteria is a good choice. It will eat away the muck at the bottom of the pond where the leeches live. You can use any method to get rid of the muck but a bacterium is the most effective and efficient way to do so.

What worked for you?

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