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How To Get Rid Of Lie Bumps

The tongue is one of the most overused parts of the body. Whenever you talk or eat, the tongue continuously functions. It is also known as human body’s strongest muscle because it is often used almost every minute of the day. Because of the constant use of the tongue, it is quite inevitable for someone to suffer tongue problems. Once in a while, the tongues can be affected with diseases such as unwanted bumps, usually white spots, which are often inflamed and painful.

Does your tongue feel sore and you see some small swelling spots on your buds? Have you told a relative or friend about it and they accused you of telling a lie? According to superstitious beliefs, bumps on the tongue may appear when you lie. These bums are referred to as lie bumps. However, this belief is actually just a myth. According to medicine, lie bumps or Lingual Papillitis are caused by fungi in tongue. When the tongue gets infected by this disease, it will form tiny bumps that look like swollen taste buds. These bumps, while not really deadly, can be very irritating as it is quite painful. So if you have lie bumps, you should try to get rid of it as soon as possible in order for your tongue to be at ease again.

Gargle with warm salt water

Whenever you are having mouth problems, the natural elements of salt can help ease your pain. Gargling with salt water is actually one of the most common ways to treat lie bumps and similar illnesses. First, just heat up some water and add some salt into it. The hotter the water is the better. But be careful not to burn yourself as it may aggravate the pain. Simply gargle with the warm salt solution you made. Gargle with about one cup of salt water once or twice a day or as often as you want.

Gargle with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another effective treatment for lie bumps. Hydrogen peroxide can kill many bacteria in your mouth that may be causing the lie bumps. It is sometimes even more powerful and beneficial than your usual mouthwash. Although hydrogen peroxide does not taste very pleasant, it will surely kill germs more effectively. You can just gargle with 1% hydrogen peroxide or you can mix some water and hydrogen peroxide together. Be sure to watch the hydrogen peroxide percentage as anything more than 3% can be too concentrated and very strong for your tongue to take.

Drop some witch hazel

Witch hazel can also make the lie bumps disappear. Simply drop a small amount of witch hazel directly on the lie bumps. This will give you an almost instant relief. Rinse your mouth with warm water after about a minute. Do not swallow the witch hazel.

Eat some cold foods

Cold foods can help relieve your tongue from pain. You can just get a small ice cube and let it melt in your tongue. Ice cream and cold drinks can also help alleviate the pain from lie bumps. The cold temperature from these foods will also cool down and lessen the taste bud swelling. On the other hand, avoid eating spicy and flavorful foods that may give you more discomfort.

Go to the dentist

Usually, lie bumps will just disappear in a few days. If the lie bumps seem to become worse overtime, then you can go to the dentist and ask for professional advice.

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