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How To Get Rid Of Lilac Bushes

Are there lilac bushes in your yard that you need to remove? Are you thinking of replacing the flowering bushes or just simply dispose them off? Lilac plants are one of the most beloved plants out there. The luscious purple lilac flowers, together with its sweet smell, can really make a yard very pleasing to the eye. However, not all the times, the lilacs get appreciated. For example, if you have lilac bushes growing on a certain area on your yard where you do not want them to be at, you will probably try to bring down the bush or just transfer it to another place.

Removing lilac bushes is actually not a tough job. Of course, it depends on how many bushes you are going to take out. Usually, you will just need to uproot the bush or chop it down. You can even ask somebody else to do the task for you and just pay some service fee. Here are the things you can do to get rid of lilac bushes.

Dig up the lilac bushes

The best way to get rid of lilac bushes is to remove the whole plant by the roots. You can just get a shovel and dig around the plant, about two feet away from the stem. Dig down the soil until you are able to pull up the whole plant from the soil. Immediately wrap the lilac roots with bag or transfer it into a pot in order for the roots to preserve the moisture.

Give it away

Your loss can be some other person’s gain. Lilac bushes are adored by most people and there is a big chance that someone would be interested in your plants. You can just ask you friends or your neighbors if they want to have your lilac bushes. If someone says yes, then give them the lilac bushes.

You can also try to sell the lilac bushes for some bucks. One good way to spread the word about it is to post simple ads on the Internet.

Cut down the plant

Cutting the lilac bushes can also kill the plant growth. First, chop down the plants using an axe or run the chainsaw through it. Cut it down so that only a few inches of the stems remain on the soil. Then use a rake on the soil to take out the remaining parts of the lilac bushes, especially the roots. Be sure to remove every piece of the lilac bushes to prevent them from growing back again. Place the plant remains in a garbage bag and dispose properly.

Have someone take it out

If you do not have the time to remove the lilac bushes by yourself, you can ask for the help of someone to take the bushes out of the soil. A local gardener can usually do the job for a price. You can also post an ad on your front gate for free lilac bushes. If someone is interested, just ask him to get the lilac bushes from your yard.

Use herbicide

Using chemicals to kill plants is not really advised but it is an effective method to take out unwanted plants. Just take a trip to the local gardening shop to ask about the best herbicide for lilac plants. Follow the directions on how to use the product properly to avoid any unwanted results.

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