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How To Get Rid of Lint

Did you recently wash your clothes and ended up finding little pieces, shreds of fabrics and threads? Are you now facing the problem on how you can remove these unwanted fabric patches? These small particles that come off your clothes are more commonly known as lint. Lint is very annoying for two major reasons. First, it can be a sign that your clothes have been damaged, and the other one is it can create even more damage to your washing machine or dryer. If the lint remains on your washing machine, it can clog up the drains and become a cause for your washer or dryer to be broken. That is why it is important for you to get rid of lint.

Getting rid of lint is actually quite tricky. There are only a few things you can do to get rid of lint, but the good news is that, once followed properly, you can get rid of the lint for good and save your clothes and washer. What you can do to remove the lint is dependent upon the cause of the problem. Basically, you just have to watch out for your clothes and the washer itself. Here are some things you can do to get rid of lint.

Add vinegar to your cycle

Vinegar can be used in a lot of ways to remedy household problems. Because of its power, it can also be used in removing lint. Vinegar helps the cloth fabrics are in clean condition and it can also clean up the washer’s wall as a cycle runs. Simply pour about 1/2 cup of vinegar on the washer before you start the machine. After the clothes have been washed up, you can also rinse the machine with another half cup of vinegar and some water.

Check your washing machine

Most newly-produced washing machines and dryer have lint traps in them. These are usually small detachable sections. You can just try to locate it on your washer and open up the lint trap. Check it for any sign of lint overload. Aside from lint traps, other sections of your washing machine or dryer might already have been damaged by some lint. Just be sure to inspect your washer thoroughly, especially those areas that are prone to stuck up unwanted deposits.

Remove the lint

Once you have pinpointed where the lint have accumulated, you now can remove the lint. For detachable sections, like the lint trap, you can remove the lint by placing it under running water. You can also use the vacuum to suck up lint that have stuck on the inaccessible areas if the washer or the dryer. It is important to make sure that the whole washing machine, especially the lint trap, is free of lint so that you will not have trouble washing your clothes and worrying about lint.

Check your clothes

Before you wash your clothes, it might be helpful to check them out. Because of overuse, it is normal for clothes to start getting damaged. Garments made of low quality materials in particular are most prone to lint. If you see one of your clothes already has lint all over it, then it might be helpful not to throw them in your washer anymore. Some people use commercial lint remover to fix the problem. You can also just wrap the cloth with some masking tape and then remove it. Most of the lint will probably have stick to the masking tape. When the lint is gone, you can now wash the clothes.

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