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How To Get Rid Of Lizards

Lizards are quite harmless, but can spell trouble when they are put together in a large number. They will provide you with sleepless nights because of all the noise they make. However, some of their qualities are actually useful. For instance, lizards can keep certain insects away. They can repel other night insects because some species of lizard dines on them. Having them around isn’t that bad. But if they grow in numbers and start to multiply, so will your problems too that is why you must keep them monitored.

Lizards are most commonly found in the South. They love vegetation that is why they are often found in yards and gardens. There are certain types of lizard that can either stay indoors or outdoors. Do not be alarmed because these lizards are not poisonous and are usually very harmless. Not to mention they are nimble and are the size of your index finger. One or two lizard isn’t a problem for any household, but put them in a relatively large group or more and you are going to get headaches. If you notice that the number of lizards in your home is rapidly increasing, it’s time toss tart eliminating them. Not only can they interfere with your sleep, but they can also drop down on you from the ceiling. While lizards are harmless, they are a bit icky when they stick at you. If you have a problem with lizard infestation, this article will show you how to get rid of lizards.

Look after them

Search every perimeter of your home and keep a keen eye for lizard sightings. You may want to search where lizards congregate so that when you act, lizards will be removed altogether.

Use repellants

Once you have confirmed where the lizards stay, spray these areas with bug repellants. Of course this is only necessary if you have a lot of lizards in your home. You may need to apply these sprays every day until lizard population has died down your house.

The electric lizard repellant is another way to keep those lizards away. Many use these because they are reliable and often get the job done. They can be purchased via the internet or in some hardware stores. Once plugged in they will emit a high frequency sound that only these lizards can hear. People of course, are immune to the sound since they won’t hear it. Lizards cannot stand the sound and will be prompt to leave your home.

Use Tabasco sauce

Your good old Tabasco sauce can also help repel lizards. Mix it with water and pour the mixed formula in a spray bottle. Spray any lizard on sight. They will leave and not come back to the area where this happened.

Spray with cold water

If lizards still remain, spray the rest with cold water. This will do two things: one, it will loosen the lizard’s grip forcing them to drop down, and two, since they are cold-blooded animals, they will be slowed by the frigid water making them easier to catch because of the cold temperature. Throw any you catch outside.

Get rid of bugs

As mentioned above, lizards love to dine on bugs, so they are most probably in places where there are many of them. You can take a different approach by getting rid of the bugs itself. No bugs means no lizards as well.

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