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How To Get Rid of Makeup Stains on Carpet

Tired of trying things that do not work? Spilled makeup on your precious rug and can’t get it off? Then you have come to the right place with the right article. Removing makeup stains on your carpet is actually easy and not that hard when compared to fabric. Of course, this is only true if you have the right products to begin with. Makeup stains are just like any other stains: you don’t want them on anything else, especially on an expensive carpet, and want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Of course, as removing stains from fabric have their separate steps and tips, the same goes from removing them from carpets.

Ultimately, stains are accidental and we never ever attempt to get them on anything. When removing stains from carpets, the first thing to remember is to know the type of makeup you had on them. Different makeup comes with different methods. Each variety of makeup stain will require a specific step and product to be used. Most are easy and can be done is minutes, while some are time-consuming but proven effective. If you are looking for the effective and efficient ways on how to get rid of makeup stains or carpet, here are some tweaks you can do.

Water, detergent, alcohol

If the stain is lipstick or rouge stain, use a clean white cloth. Rinse the cloth with water and detergent then wipe the stain. If it still persists, add isopropyl alcohol by dabbing them into the stain, then repeat the water plus cloth plus detergent again.

Dishwashing soap

Makeup stains due to mascara and eyeliner are simpler to remove. Similar to food stains, the dishwashing liquid should be sufficient to take care of these. Just dab them into the stained part, wash the makeup stain with cold water and let it dry. Within no time at all, the stain should not even be visible in you precious rug.

Hydrogen Peroxide

For makeup stains caused by the liquid foundation, or liquid based primers, concealer and the like, take a clean white cloth and dab it on the stain until no more makeup stain comes off the cloth. Then, pour a couple of 3% hydrogen peroxide directly to the stains and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, dab the makeup stain with the cloth again until the makeup stain has gone away.

Laundry soap

For the eye shadows and other powder-based stains, all you need is laundry detergent and a toothbrush. Apply the detergent onto the stain and rub with toothbrush in circular motion until it disappears. Dab clean with water and it should go away after that simple steps.

Carpet cleaner

If all else fails, bring out your carpet cleaner and start spraying that carpet. It is bound to be removed and gotten rid of once done. You can also clean the whole carpet if the stain is really stubborn.

When removing makeup stains, you have to be patient. Do not just rub the makeup stain with all your might or you may even worsen the condition. Just follow the simple steps listed above and you will never get annoyed with those makeup stains again. To save yourself from makeup stains in the future, always remember to be careful when you put on those glitzy cosmetics on your face.

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