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How To Get Rid of Makeup Stains

Are you trying to put on makeup but unfortunately messed up? Do you want to know an efficient way to get rid of that unwanted smudge? Then you have come to the right place. Make up stains are a real hassle in the world of beauty. Getting rid of them takes only a few simple steps, but let’s face it: makeup stains are of an annoyance especially after ten to fifteen minutes of trying to even that blush on, then all of a sudden, you smudge your white dress with cosmetics. That is just a real disaster!

Makeup stains very often happens to people who love to smother their faces with cosmetics. Once you have accidentally smudged some fabric with some excess eyeliner or the like, it usually means having to makeup whatever the stained object is. For many, they don’t mind this. But for the people who are in a hurry to get somewhere they need to be, that’s a nightmare you would want to wake up from.

Makeup can make someone look very different and very attractive. Most people, especially the females, love makeup and it has become their daily ritual to put one on before heading out. Not only is it a great hobby, but it can teach one about beauty and since people are impressed by it, some would call it an art. Even professionals make mistakes and are often baffled by the fact that they messed up. Makeup stains spells trouble if you are trying to catch that time and really need to rush. Again, an ounce of prevention is better than cure. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of those dirty stains out of your clothes:

Absorb the stain

Wipe it with sponge or white bread. Since both of these are absorbers, they can clean the area if the stain hasn’t set in. If it does, you are in bigger trouble.

Laundry time

Use bar soap and water. If that stain is stubborn and very persistent, then it’s time to bring out the big guns. You can have two approaches into doing this: one is to marinate the stained fabric into the water with bar soap then wash after a few minutes, or just wash the heck out of it with intense rubbing. Just be careful not to drive the stain deeper into the fabric.
For those pesky oily stains, use detergent. While soap can deal with the blush on and eye shadows, the oily stain are much more persistent. For them, use detergent by applying them to the stained area and rubbing with another damp and clean cloth in circular motion.

Make up remover

If you are trying to make time, use the all powerful makeup remover. As the name suggests, they remove makeup from your fabric. Just follow the easy steps they give you and those dirty stains will be gone in no time.

These are the most common and efficient way to get rid of those unwanted stains. Of course, if you want to avoid all of that hassle, try not to get makeup stains in the first place. People often make the mistake of putting makeup on before wearing their clothes. If you do not want to risk having more stains in your clothes, do put them on first before he makeup.

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