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How To Get Rid Of Maple Bugs

Maple bugs are those little bugs that love to live in maple trees. They usually rely on maple tree sap that is why they love hanging around these big trees. Although most bugs that take shelter on maple trees are not really too harmful, they can still create damage and lessen the tree’s health over time. Moreover, when these maple bugs transfer from trees to your home, you can be guaranteed to have headaches. They will leave dirt around your home and house inside cracks and crevices, making your house structure weaker.

If you have big trees in your yard infested with maple bugs, you should attend to it as soon as possible. If you leave the maple bugs to house on your trees, they can multiply and start a bigger infestation. To get rid of maple bugs, here are some things that you can do.

Plant male maple trees

You might not be aware of it but there are actually male and female maple trees. Some maple tree variety are monoecious, meaning both male and female flowers sprout together, but there are also dioecious tree species that only grow either male or female flowers. Research study shows that female maple trees attract more bugs and insects than male maple trees. So if you want lesser bugs in your yard, choose male maple trees over the female ones.

Manual collection

One of the most effective ways to remove maple bugs is to manually collect them. Although this requires a lot of work, you can be sure that those bugs really leave the tree. Just put on your gloves and pick those maple bugs using your hands. Place them in a plastic bag so that you can easily kill them afterwards.

Use a vacuum

If there are too much maple bugs and it seems quite impractical to manually pick them, you can opt to vacuum them. Simply use the machine and let it suck those invasive maple bugs.

Drown the maple bugs

After you have collected the maple bugs either by manual picking or by vacuuming, you can kill them by drowning. Get a bucket of soapy water and release the maple bugs into it. Cover the bucket so that no insect will be able to fly. Check the bucket every now and then and see how those maple bugs die one by one.

Throw them away

If you do not have the guts to kill those bugs, then you can just seal them in a container and throw them far away so that they cannot come back.

Spray with water

Using a high-pressure hose or power washer can easily wash away those maple bugs. The great surge of water can kill those maple bugs but it is not guaranteed that all of them will be wiped out. You can just use your hose or power washer then wash those maple bugs down.

If the maple bugs are inside your home, you can simply boil some liters of water and pour it directly on the maple bug clusters.

Use insect spray

Although using insect sprays may not be too good for the environment, it is one of the easiest ways to eradicate those maple bugs. If the maple bugs are marching around the trees, then you should find an organic insecticide alternative to use. If the maple bugs are inside your home, you can kill them with the usual bug killers you have inside your home.

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