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How To Get Rid Of March Flies

The worst type of fly that you can encounter is the horse-fly, also known as, march fly. These march flies are the largest species of real flies. They are often considered as pests because they bite and transfer a lot of bacteria. Moreover, their buzzing sound can be very noisy and disturbing. Nevertheless, these march flies can be quite helpful in plant reproduction as they are important pollinators.

Some march flies will not bother you, while some can give you a hard time. Male march flies usually feed on nectar and pollen alone, but, their female counterpart rely on blood for reproduction. That is why if you hear those march flies coming, you better be prepared to get rid of them to avoid danger and harm. If there are march flies around your lot, here are some things you can do to get rid of march flies.

Locate the nest

If you want to reduce the number of march flies floating around, you should locate their nest and start from eradicating the march flies’ home. Search around your yard and home. March flies commonly house in areas with lots of woods and water resources. Once you have found the march fly nest, go back to your home, wear protective gear and get an insecticide. When you are all set and it is dark outside, go back to the march fly nest and spray the insecticide to kill those march flies. Note that you should destroy the nest at night because that is when the march flies linger inside their nest.

Liquid dish detergent

A very simple and organic way of removing march flies is using liquid dish detergent and water. Simply prepare one gallon of water and pour about one cup of liquid dish detergent to it. Mix the solution and pour it over a spray bottle. Once you hear those march flies buzzing, get the spray bottle and spray those flies with the solution. The chemical contents of liquid dish detergent are powerful enough to poison and suffocate those march flies.

Mouthwash, dish soap and ammonia

In order to get rid of march flies, you should disinfect your whole lot. An effective solution that you can use is the combination of one part mouthwash, one part liquid dish soap and one part ammonia. Mix them all together and put it a spray bottle. You can spray it around your lot, especially wet wooded areas where march flies love to linger at. The strong smell of this solution will shoo away those march flies. This solution is also nature-friendly so it is not dangerous to plants and animals.

Fly swatter

Although you cannot really eliminate every march fly around with a fly swatter, it can help in decreasing their population. If there are many march flies around, keep fly swatters all around your house. So whenever a march fly comes buzzing around, you can just reach for the fly swatter and knock down the march fly with it. You can be aggressive but be careful as you may accidentally hit other things when trying to chase march flies.

Fly traps

March flies can be easily lured with the scent that they love. You can simply get a march fly trap and set it around the perimeter. Fly traps usually come in bottle forms and once those march flies enter the bottle, they will get easily trapped inside to die.

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