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How To Get Rid Of Marmots

Marmots, also called as groundhog or woodchuck, are rodents that are often found in North America. They appear very similar to the usual squirrels except that they are larger. To some places not frequented by marmots, they are considered as little cute animals but in those places where they are widely distributed, marmots are considered as household and garden pests.

Although marmots look quite cute, they can be very destructive. Marmots can ruin your precious garden within just a short span of time. They will eat and damage your crops and flowering plants. For those people who take good care of their garden, marmots can be one of their worst nightmares. So if you are one of those gardeners with green thumbs, you must keep away marmots at all times so that your hard work will not turn into nothing. If you want to know how to get rid of marmots, here are some useful tips for you.

Build a fence

Building a fence will create a barrier between you and those marmots, as well as other garden pests. If you already have a fence and yet these marmots still gain access to your garden, then you might need to improve your fencing.

Take note that marmots can easily jump over your fence or dig over the earth if your fence is not properly installed. If there are many garden pests such as marmots in your area, you should invest in chicken wire fences. Chicken wire fencing can be costly but they are effective in making a barrier for marmots. When installing fences, you should make sure that the fencing is at least about three feet above the ground and one foot underground. It might also be useful if you can angle the fence a little.

Place traps around your yard

Traps work effectively in getting rid of marmots. You just have to set your traps properly in order for it to work efficiently. You can place live traps near the marmot burrow and around the garden perimeter. Be sure to use some yummy bait treats to your trap so that the marmots will be easily lured to your traps. If you do not know what kind of traps to use, you can research some DIY traps online or you can buy some from the local shop.

When you have installed and successfully caught marmots using traps, you should now carefully release them. You can check with your local office to know where you can release those marmots safely.

Scare them

A safe way to shoo those marmots away is to place objects that scare them. Moving and rattling objects such as pinwheels and large fake animal creatures. When the marmots see those scary fake animals, they will think twice before entering your garden.

Use repellents

There are many natural and chemical repellents that you can use in order to discourage marmots. You can check your local store for commercial repellents that you can easily use on your garden. If you are not sure about using chemicals, you can simply sprinkle Epsom salts on your crops. Marmots do not like the taste of Epsom salts so they will avoid eating your plants. Moreover, Epsom salts can help your plants grow better.

Animal control

For unmanageable marmot break out, you can contact animal control. They will help you in removing those unwanted marmots that interfere with your garden.

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