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How To Get Rid Of Martin Birds

Martin birds are small birds belonging in the swallow family. Martin birds are particularly fun to watch because they gracefully fly around with beautiful flight patterns. They are can make the sky more alive with their aerial acrobatics. Although they martin birds are fun to watch when the glide in the air, but they can also become annoying when they take residence in your home.

During spring time, martin birds will migrate and find new homes. During their search for new nesting sites, instead of making home outdoors, they might choose to house on buildings instead. When Martin birds start to build their nest in your house, you can just expect irritating noise and mess. If you find that martin birds have chosen your house to become their dwelling place, then here are some things that you can do to get rid of martin birds.

Locate their nest

If you want to get rid of martin birds, then you should get rid of their nest first. Check all around your house for the nest of those unwanted martin nests. When you have located the nest, examine if there are any birds inside or if there are eggs around. If you find nothing, then you can just get a stick and destroy the whole nest with it. But if you find any egg or baby martin bird in the nest, then you cannot really do anything about it. Just wait for a few more weeks until the martin birds grow before you can take any action. Martin birds are under the protection of the law so you cannot do anything that will harm them.

Create drapes

Once you have knocked down the martin bird nest, you now have to take precautions to permanently keep them away from your house. When the martin birds go back to their nest and they were not able to find the nesting, they might just create a new home so before they can gather enough materials to build their nest with, you should drape the area with bird proof mesh netting or chicken wires. This draping will hinder the martin birds from re-building their nest on the same area.

For the next few days after knocking down the martin bird nest, you should keep an eye for any wandering bird that may be looking for a new nesting spot in your house.

Place aluminum foil

Aluminum foil help keep martin birds away. If you do not want any bird to enter your home, you should wrap around aluminum foil on areas that should not be entered by martin birds. The aluminum foil will scare the martin birds away once the sunlight hits the foil and the foil reflects this shiny ray.

Install spikes strips

Small spikes strips can be bought conveniently in local gardening or pest control shops. These spikes strips can be installed around window sills or any entrance where the martin birds land at. If the landing areas are filled with spikes, the martin birds will have no proper place to land at.

Bird repellents

Bird repellents can help keep away martin birds. You can buy commercial bird repellents and spray it around your home twice a month. If you do not like using chemicals around your home, you can make your own repellent by mixing crushed red pepper, a few tablespoons of vinegar and some water. Place the mixture in the spray bottle and use the solution like a usual repellent spray.

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