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How To Get Rid Of Mason Bees

Bees play a very crucial role in pollinating plants. They are quite beneficial and necessary for humans to survive. Even Einstein has quoted about the importance of bees. However, there are times when bees can become a nuisance in households. One of the most common types of bees that infest houses is the mason bee family, also called as mortar bees.

Mason bees are non-aggressive. They just assist in pollinating crops, especially when the season of spring comes. The downside about these mason bees is that they tend to settle in cracks and crevices around your house. They will drill holes and make nests around the perimeter. Overtime, these mason bees can cause a great deal of structural damage in your lot. If you are being bugged by mason bees, you can try different methods to shoo them away. Here are some things you can do to get rid of mason bees.

The mason bee nest

Before you can get rid of mason bees, you should find their nest first. Look around your house and check for cracks, crevices and holes. These are the usual hiding place of mason bees. Once you have located the mason bee nest, then you can start making some actions to eradicate them from your lot.

Alternative bee nest

Before directly interacting with the mason bee nest, you must prepare all the necessary things that you will need during mason bee removal. One thing that you might find helpful is an alternative bee nest. This bee nest will serve as the new home of mason bees once you destroy their nesting. If there is an alternative bee nest for the mason bees to house out, then their removal will be easier and less risky.

You can purchase alternative bee nest or make your own bee nesting. Place the alternative nest in a safe spot in your lot. When you have secured the mason bees inside this nest, you can either keep them to help you in pollination, or turn them over to your local beekeepers association.


If the mason bees are housing outside your house, you can just use smoke to shoo them away. Simply start a fire near the area where they are housing. Be sure that the smoke will directly hit the mason bee nest. Bees do not like smoke and they will most probably leave the area if they smell smoke. Take not that when you are dealing with fire; be extra careful to avoid any disaster.


Insecticides can also work well with mason bee removal. However, the mason bees may have a worse reaction with insecticides those other natural bee removal methods. Before you spray insecticide to get rid of mason bees, you should prepare yourself first.

Wear proper gears in order to protect yourself if ever those mason bees become aggressive. Also, it might be a good idea if you spray the insecticide during the night when those mason bees have already returned to their lair.

When you are all set, just spray the mason bee nest with the insecticide and wait for them to leave the area.

Professional assistance

Although mason bees are not really too harmful, they are still bees and they can become aggressive. If you are not sure what to do to get rid of mason bees, you can call a beekeeper to help you.

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