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How To Get Rid Of Meal Moths

Moths are one of the most abundant pests all around the world. There are different kinds of moths that you may encounter. There are the clearwing moths, fabric moths, silk moths, worm moths and lots more. But the most common kind of moth that infests a household is the meal moths. These moths, from the name itself, are actually those kinds of insects that you will usually find on your groceries. They are very much unwanted because they mess around with the food that you eat. Meal moths are just plain annoying, and if you suspect an infestation of these pests, you should get rid of them right away.

Meal moths love to mess around foods like cereal, cornmeal, powder and starchy foods such as flout and milk. They may also share with your pet’s foods and other leftovers. While meal moths do not pose a direct bacterial infection to humans, they will leave your food with nasty germs, and when you accidentally consume the infested food, you may get an upset stomach. Meal moths are quite daunting to remove. But even though you have to do many things to get rid of them, you should try and be patient because those meal moths will just keep on multiplying if you leave them be. Here are some things you can do to get rid of meal moths.

Find the source

Before you can get rid of the meal moths, it is necessary for you to find the source where they are coming from. You can easily pinpoint the lair of those moths by observing where they constantly go to. At night, try to follow those meal moths and check the area where they are hiding. Usually, these meal moths live in kitchen cabinets and food containers.

Remove the infected foods

Once you find out where the meal moths are, you can now try to sort out all your foods that have been infected by the meal moths. Simply get a clean plastic bag and place all the infected foods inside it. If the infestation is already severe, then you have to let go of the food. But if there are no meal moths that have made their way inside the food pack, then you can just shrug off the meal moths because you can still consume that food product.

Clean up the cabinet or container

After you have removed the food and groceries, you are now ready to clean up the cabinet or container where the meal moths reside at. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck those pests, and then release them in a bucket of water with soap. You can also try to sweep the cabinet and put all your meal moths inside a container where they cannot escape from. Then you can kill those meal moths that you have collected.

Wash your cabinet or container

When the meal moths have been removed, then you are now ready to clean up the area with soap and water. Just get soapy water and a scrub. Splash some water on the cabinet or container and scrub the area. Rinse afterwards and let it dry.

Spray disinfectant

Spraying disinfectant will help to prevent further meal moth infestations. You can get these sprays at almost any home improvement store. Just spray an ample amount over the area. Leave it to dissipate overnight then sort out your food products come morning time.

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