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How To Get Rid Of Mealworms

Do you sometimes see very small brown bits of unknown stuffs on your food products? If you suspect that there is something different about your food, then you should not risk eating it anymore. After all, there are those nasty things called mealworms! Mealworms are tiny little worm-like creatures that are actually from the beetle family. They are very small and are usually hardly noticed except from their contrasting colors with the food. They love to mess around in pantries and cabinets that contain foods such as cereal, oats and flour. SO if you are going to cook some pasta and you noticed brown-colored little things on your pasta, then these are most likely mealworms. The bad news is that, once these mealworms have found their access to your house, they will continue to give you headache.

Mealworms can easily contaminate foods. If you accidentally ate something that has been infected with germs from the mealworm, your stomach will have an adverse reaction and your health may be put to risk. The good thing is that mealworms can be removed with just easy and simple steps. If you think your food and groceries are being invaded but meal moths, here are some things that you can do to get rid of them.

Collect them

If you only see a few mealworms around, then you can just collect them manually. While it might be a bit hard spotting those mealworms, an easy way to get rid of the infestation is to just pick mealworms that you stumble upon. You can just a clean jar and place the mealworms that you collect every time you see them inside this jar. Be sure that when you touch those mealworms, your hands are protected with gloves or paper towel.

Release the mealworms

After you have collected them, you can now release the mealworms. Note that it might be a bit risky releasing them in the open because those mealworms may still come back. So when releasing mealworms, be sure to go to a place far away from your home and other households.

Donate the mealworms

While mealworms might be very annoying to household owners, there are some people who actually benefit from them, like those fishermen. These mealworms can be used as fishing baits and they are effective in doing their job. So if you have collected an ample amount of mealworms, then you can just donate it to your local animal shop.

Clean your house

Cleaning your house is a must. If you want pests and other bacteria and viruses that pose risk to your health, then you should keep your house free of dirt. After you have gotten rid of the mealworms, be sure to do an intensive cleaning to remove their remains. Pay close attention to your kitchen cabinets and grocery containers.

Also, maintain a proper container for the foods that those mealworms love. If you have stocks of sugar, flour or pasta, you can transfer them to containers that are properly sealed.

Hire a professional exterminator

If the mealworm infestation in your household has gone out of your control, it might be helpful if you can just hire a professional exterminator. You might have to pay some bucks for the services that he will render you, but you will be able to relax again after those mealworms have been removed.

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