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How To Get Rid Of Mice

Mice are one of the most adorable pets a person can have. Not only are they nimble and cute, but taking care of them doesn’t need much responsibilities compared to other pets. They are usually nice inside their glass homes and cages but you should take them out now and then not only to play, but also let them experience the outside world. Of course, these are just one type of mice that can be found in the pet store. They are tamed and well fit to be household pets. The other type is a different story. Much like rats, stray mice will do nothing but infest, defecate, and deplete your food. Not only that but they can also ruin your entire household by building their house. That is why you need to do something to get rid of them before they start a family

While the pet mice are harmless and safe even if they get loose, stray mice should be taken care of quickly. Like a regular infestation, you need to scour every square inch of your house and clean them all at once. Fortunately, you can narrow this down because mice are easy to track. Where the food goes, the mice follow. Their attraction to food is their main weakness and you are going to exploit it. It can take you to pinpoint where the mice are hiding. Failure to do so and they will just keep coming back and eat anything they find inside your house. Wash every place where you suspect infestation, especially in places where you keep your food. This means the kitchen and other storage. Also, make sure all of your foods are inside containers where mice can’t penetrate or get to. This article will further help you on how to get rid of mice.

Get traps

Use the ultimate mouse killer: the mousetrap. You can buy a mousetrap at your local grocery store. Do not just limit yourself to just one mousetrap. If you have mice in more than one place, you should consider buying a bulk amount to cover those places.

Set up the traps

Once you’ve acquired a few mousetraps, place them where you suspect the mice are gathering and going through. They’re more or less at against walls and in sheltered areas. These places are your best bets at catching these unwanted rodents. However, avoid putting it in a high-traffic area of your home such as doors and in the middle of the hallway. They might catch someone’s foot instead.

Check the mousetraps every now and then. In fact, make it a habit to check the mousetrap if it caught something every day or every time you pass it. See if there are any mice that it caught so it can be replaced with a new set for the other mice in that area.

Dispose the mice

When something is caught, it’s time to put on gloves to dispose of the dead mice. It will help protect you from obtaining or getting infected with mice-related illnesses and diseases. You can get rid of the dead mice in a plastic sack to avoid further and potential contamination.

Get a cat

If you cleared your house of any mice, buying a cat would be a great help with keeping them off. Your furry friend will drive off any mice attempting to make your home theirs. Not to mention you would have a pet to keep a lookout as well as a partner.

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