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How To Get Rid Of Migraines

A good day is when everything happens the way you want to. But that is never the case especially at work. Things often happen and most of them involve your health. If your body doesn’t have complete wellness, chances are you could pick up a migraine at work. The cause of migraine can be from over fatigue but there some cases where they are caused by not having enough sleep or restlessness. Thinking too hard can also produce migraines as well as frustrations and especially stress. Now this is very common especially to those who work 6 days every week for 10 hours each. But even though migraine is a common occurrence, it should not be ignored as it can lead to many other health complaints.

Migraines should be dealt with as soon as you can. If you experience migraine at work, then take a break and try to attend to it. There some measures you can take to minimize it like medications but in some cases, medicine doesn’t solve that problem effectively. You may want to come prepared for when the migraine will strike again. If possible, avoid being stressed out or overly frustrated over things. The key to ridding yourself of migraine is prevention of getting them in the first place. You also need to think what causes these migraines for you. While it may seem like a good idea to sip coffee, it can cause and urge migraines. Do not use it unless you really need to over clock. Migraines are painful and can leave you out of commission for some time. At times, migraine can even trigger nausea, sensitivity and just plain discomfort. It can last for hours or days if left untreated. So if you are starting to have it, this article will show you how to get rid of migraines.

Rest away

As soon as you feel migraine is coming, stop any activity you are doing immediately. You need to rest as soon as you can and start the treatment to minimize the severity of your migraine. Some actions might stimulate further severity like bending down or walking so it’s best to rest your body when this occurs.

Turn of lights and sounds

Turn off the lights in the room you are resting in. Also, turn off the radio or TV as soon as you start to feel migraine. Migraines can increase sensitivity to sound, making the slightest noise unbearable. TV’s and radios are sources of noise. Relax and lie down in your dark room and try to fall asleep.

Fire and ice

Wrap an ice pack in cloth and place it on the back of your neck. Your scalp area might have pain around it as well and you can just apply gentle pressure there with ice pack. Also, place a warm compress if ice proved ineffective on the same areas. They can help relax your muscles around the neck and shoulders. A warm shower is also recommended.

Drink some coffee

A temporary fix would be drinking caffeine such as coffee to help constrict dilated blood vessels during migraine. Do this to lessen the symptoms you are feeling temporarily, in order for you to find a permanent fix to your migraine.

Meditation can work wonders

Think as if you were pushing the pain out physically. Meditation methods can get rid of the most painful symptoms of migraine. Visualization is the technique you may want to be using.

What worked for you?

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