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How To Get Rid of Millipedes

Millipedes are one of those creepy crawlers that are often seen it households. Although millipedes are not as destructive as other pests, they are just plain icky. Their crawling, slimy body with lots of tiny legs can make people jump in fright and disgust. For this reason, most home owners would like to avoid seeing millipedes invade their home. However, you cannot really prevent one or two from visiting you even now and then. When this happens, all you have to do is know how to get rid of millipedes.

Getting rid of millipedes is actually quite easy, provided that you don’t have any fear of them. There are several methods that you can do to remove millipedes. You can use some materials found at your home to accomplish these things. If the infestation is widespread and you cannot control them anymore, you can always opt to purchase commercial millipede killers or hire an exterminator. But before you spend cash for these unwanted visitors, here are some tips that you can follow.

Seal their entrance

The very reason why millipedes will have an access to your home, aside from personally bringing them inside, is letting them enter through a hole or crack around your house. That is why it is important for you to seal their entrance. This is not just effective in getting rid of millipede, but it will help pests in general to have no access to your house. Simply go around your house, particularly the foundations, and look for holes, cracks and crevices. Even tiny ones are enough to become a passageway so be keen in searching. Once you have found the entrance, you can just seal it with caulk or cement or just cover it up with a piece of wood.

Dispose of the millipedes

After you have sealed the entrance, you can now work with the millipedes that have entered your home. The best thing to get rid of them is to manually pick them up. Now, you may ask for help from a friend or relative if you are too scared of the millipede. Just take necessary precautions when picking up the millipedes. Wear gloves before picking up the thing and place it in a sealed jar or plastic bag, then properly dispose it in a place away from households.

You can also use a broom to sweep up the millipede if no one in your household can pick it up by hand.

Clean up

If you find several millipedes around your home, it might probably be a sign that an infestation is beginning. Before you let the millipedes multiply, you should act right away and destroy their lair. Most millipedes will grow and reproduce in damp, dirty areas. They love to eat decaying materials so you should check out piles of objects around your yard like fallen leaves and rotten woods. Clean these things up so that they will have no shelter to thrive at.

Check the humidity

Millipedes love to be on places that are humid. That is why they are most commonly found on gardens, bathrooms and kitchens. To avoid attracting the millipedes, set up a dehumidifier in your home to balance out the air moisture. This will not just get rid of the millipede, but other unwanted things as well like molds and mildew.

Ask for help

If you think that there is a millipede breakout in your home, you can ask for help from an exterminator.

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