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How to Get Rid of Mockingbirds

Human beings have properties that they protect to make sure that their safety is checked. The same goes in the animal kingdom where various types of animals have different ways of protecting their territories. What’s hard about their world is that they do not have anything in writing to claim what’s theirs so they occupy through the best means they could do.

Animals often attack others if they feel that their territories have been threatened. This is true for those who have crossed paths with hornets. But some animals who look like they couldn’t hurt a fly can actually become dangerous if they sense any danger that goes their way; either if it’s accidental or not. Take a look at a mockingbird and you’ll find out soon enough.

Mockingbirds are territorial animals that don’t look like they can hurt people but they can and they will. The bad news is that they feed on flowers and flowers grow on your yard, which serves as a buffet for them. Mockingbirds can harm or injure you and they should be prevented from entering your premises since they can be harmful. The following procedures can help you get rid of mockingbirds:

Annoy them

Mockingbirds may make it a habit to go to your premises and you don’t want to build this habit in them. You can try to annoy mockingbirds when they enter your premises and do this every time they trespass. You can throw small stones to the trees where they are perched but you don’t want to hurt the mockingbirds so you may want to aim the stones far from the mockingbird. When they feel that they are being threatened in that particular area, chances are they won’t be coming back. Annoying mockingbirds change their behavior and it instills that when they enter your premises, they are in constant danger.

Spray water on them

Another way to disrupt behavioral patterns of mockingbirds is by shooting water at them. You can do this with a hose or with a water gun. Make sure that when you use a hose, there is just enough pressure to spray water around there area and it won’t hurt them.

If you are planning to use water gun, get yourself the big ones to cover a larger area. Now you don’t want to come out as a sadist and hit the birds while you’re having fun. Again, the key is just to disrupt the birds and not to kill them. Changing behavioral patterns is a great way to deal with mockingbirds without harming them.

Get a predator

Well not a real predator but at least decoys of bigger birds that mockingbirds are afraid of. In a particular section where mockingbirds heavily converge, place a decoy of an owl or a hawk. Mockingbirds definitely won’t be able to think that these decoys are fakes and they will be scared just at the sight of them. They wouldn’t even dare entering your premises, effectively getting rid of them.

Get rid of any source of reflection

It is often a funny sight when you see a mockingbird attacking a mirror. You shouldn’t wonder why they do this, since they are territorial, they would think of their reflection as a threat to them. You can try covering any materials that can produce reflection of the mockingbird since they will be attracted to attack it.

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