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How to Get Rid of Monkey Grass

Grass is a great addition in any landscaping project. The lush greenery that you will see can convince you to pit grass in your garden. There are disadvantages when you use grass since some of them are categorized as weed and they can steal the nutrients that your plants should rightfully absorb. There are grass however that do not damage other plants but they present other problems, grass such as monkey grass.

Monkey grass is commonly used as a border for your flowerbed. What’s good with them is that they do not suck the nutrients that your plant should have rather they present a totally different problem. They can grow in a wide area and they can occupy space and invade sections of your garden that other plants occupy which can destroy them.

Careful removal should be considered when you are removing monkey grass since you can actually use them. They are commonly grown in walkways and don’t need extensive maintenance to keep them in control.  The following should be considered when removing monkey grass:

Remove them manually

If you want to apply the simplest solution in removing monkey grass, you should manually take them out. You can use your hands; just wear gloves, so you can pull them out. Also you can dig monkey grass, making sure that you also get the roots to avoid re growing. You should watch out for monkey grass that may be left behind and water the area to see if monkey grass would still grow.

Patience is very important when you consider total removal of the monkey grass that has occupied other space. You need to watch for re growing grass so you can pull them or dig them out. Repetition is also necessary since you will have to go back to the same spot where they grow and dig them out again if there are any leftovers.

Use root barrier

Your efforts in removing monkey grass may go to waste if you are unable to penetrate to the roots of the grass. If the roots of the monkey grass spread, they will scatter in a wider area and would grow randomly which would make your job a lot harder. You can use root barriers to prevent the roots from spreading effectively limiting the area monkey grass can affect.

Before you apply root barriers, you should consider digging out as much monkey grass as possible to lessen the amount of time it needs to place the root barrier in position.

Hire a landscaper

If you are uncertain what to do with the grass since they can still look pretty good, you should hire a landscaper. Landscapers are responsible for taking care and maintaining your garden. Aside from cleaning your garden and growing plants, they are familiar with other plants or weeds that are not supposed to be in your garden. They have the capability to remove this and make sure that they do not spread.

Aside from this, landscapers are also capable of rearranging your garden. Making use of unwanted plants or grass by turning them into intricately designed set piece. Since monkey grass can be pulled by the roots, they will be able to pull the whole bunch of grass and position them somewhere in the garden where they would look good. They are aware of this type of grass and would use them to the owner’s benefit.

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