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How to Get Rid of Moss on Roof

Our roof is probably the most exposed part of the house since it is the first line of contact from the different forces nature throws at us. The roof receives certain amount of damage but aside from that, dirt can accumulate on it. The worst part is that since the roof is escalated, the chances of cleaning this part of the house can be slim. Aside from dirt, moss can also accumulate on the roof due to stagnant water.

Moss usually grows on damp and shady places, although they present a serene and beautiful fairy tale like look in your house, it can damage your house in the long run. If nothing is done with the moss on the roof, it can cause shingles to rot and form ice dams that can be dangerous. And if you happen to decide on cleaning the roof, you will likely slide off since mosses are slippery.

You can perform a quick fix with the moss on the roof. However, this does not present a long term and permanent solution. Getting rid of moss on the roof will definitely improve the look of your house, not to mention your house’s value would increase. Here are some of the things that you can perform to get rid of moss on the roof:

Flush the water

So let’s start it off on a clean slate, which means go back to when your roof is clean and free from moss. As mentioned, moss usually grows because of the dampness or moisture present on the roof. So if it rained, you should check the water on the roof is flushed down through the shingles. There are chances that the leaves or other dirt have clogged up the pipe which would lead to stagnation of the water. Make sure that you check this every once in a while to avoid moss from growing.

Blast it with water

High pressure water hoses provide a great deal of help to accomplish the job around the house. And the assistance that they provide in removing moss on the roof is no exception. If you notice small amount of moss on the roof, you can use high pressure water hose to remove them without getting your hands dirty. Also, if the moss is too stubborn even for high pressure water hose, they still provide a great deal of help since they prepare the roof for a more thorough cleaning.

Brush them off

When working with moss on the roof, one should take the extra effort to work with extreme caution. Moss is slippery and one wrong step can lead to an accident. This is why you need to brush off moss with the help of a brush that is attached to an extended handle. After blasting the moss with water, brush them off and it will guarantee that they are dealt with permanently.

Apply moss killing products

If you don’t like the intensive manual labor or the hazards involve when cleaning moss on the roof, you can buy moss killing chemicals. These products can be sprayed on the moss which kills them within 24 hours. What’s good about these products is that they avoid water wastage since they can be applied in full concentration. The chemicals remove the moisture from the moss and dry it up. 2 gallons of moss killing chemicals can cover up to 1000 square feet.

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