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How to Get Rid of Mouse in Car

When you talk about car problems in general, you think about the most common issues that can occur. Car engine overhauls, dead spark plug, flat tires…the list goes on and on. Because of this, you probably have never thought of other unconventional problems you might encounter when owning a car, a perfect example is having a mouse in your car.

Mouse loves dark, humid and moist areas, such is the condition when your car is turned off and not operating while parked in your garage. A mouse can make a condominium out of your car without your knowledge until you see droppings in the glove box and you start noticing that your radio is not working since the wires have been chewed up.

There are more serious implications of having a mouse in your car so you should do everything to make sure that they are off of it. The presence of a mouse while driving can surprise and startle you and this can lead to accidents, not mentioning the damage it can do to your car and to your health. Here are some of the things that you can do to get rid of mouse in your car:

Clean the garage

A mouse doesn’t just magically pop out of nowhere, their presence in a particular area means that it is dirty and they have a source where they can find food. Since mice like dark and damp areas, they usually end up in your garage. So before you park your car, empty that garage and clean it up.

Eating while working on your car goes hand in hand so it is possible that there are food particles and a bunch of trash in the garage. This serves as an open invitation to mice and the possibility of them being tempted to enter your vehicle is a possibility. This is why you should constantly clean up the garage.

Install traps

So you have cleaned up the garage and threw away everything that can attract a mouse but you still see traces of them. You see droppings and you smell it even, the next best thing to do is to install traps in the surrounding area. The mouse trap that you are familiar with is probably the most popular one which is the trap that flips. There are other types of traps available, some act as a cage which automatically closes when the mouse attempts to take the food inside it.

Make sure that you install the traps in different parts of the garage even in and around your house. This makes sure that the whole area is covered; mice can have several breeding grounds and this is one way to make sure that the whole area is well covered.

Clean the car

Much like a dirty surrounding can attract a mouse, your car can do the same thing. It’s normal that you eat in the car and you make a mess inside it. What’s not normal is the trash that you leave behind. Every week, you should clean and vacuum your car. Make sure that you take out everything before cleaning.

Get rid of mouse smell

Since there are mouse in the car, the possibility of them leaving odor is big. Check if there are traces of dead mouse in the car and get rid of it. Clean the area where you have found the dead mouse with liquid cleaning solution. After which you need to put odor absorbers and leave it for 15 minutes.

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