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How To Get Rid of Nail Polish

Women just love to accessorize. Because of this big appreciation of art and cosmetics, they even paint their nails with different colors to add to their look. Wearing nail polish can greatly boost up one’s poise and confidence. For that reason, women also invest in decorating their nail polish, especially when a special occasion is coming.

Are you one of those ladies who love to decorate even the tip of your nails? Nail polish look great when it has been just recently put on, but once it starts to wear off, nail polish can make one’s hand look really untidy. So if your nail polish has been lingering on your nails for weeks now, then maybe it’s time to get rid of it and repaint it with new designs. If you need to know how to get rid of nail polish, here are some different ways to do it.

Nail polish remover

Of course, you can just easily remove your nail polish with specialized nail polish remover. However, since most nail polish removers contain acetone, it may not really be health friendly. Prolonged used can ruin the structure of nails. It can make the natural pinkish color of fingernails turn to dirty yellow color. Also, acetone is quite harmful when inhaled by the user. So if you are not really in a rush to get rid of your nail polish, you can try other methods.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is another alternative for getting rid of nail polish. Simply drop some anti-bacterial hand rub on a cotton ball and rub it on your nails. The nail polish should be removed after a few minutes.


Your regular rubbing alcohol can be a lighter substitute for acetone. Just use a cotton ball with isopropyl or ethyl alcohol and rub your nails to remove the nail polish. The only disadvantage is that rubbing alcohol may not really remove the nail polish right away.


If you want a more natural method of removing nail polish, you can use vinegar with citric fruit extracts. Their acidic power will take off the nail polish. Just mix vinegar with lemon, orange or other citric fruit juices and use it to remove the nail polish. This method takes a longer time than the regular nail polish remover.

Paint your nails

Painting your nails can remove your old nail polish. How? You can simply paint your nails with a thick coat of nail polish of natural color and wipe it off afterwards. The new nail polish coating together with the old one will both be removed.

Hot water

Melting you nail polish is another effective way of removing nail polish. Just boil some water and put it on a small basin. Note that you must test the temperature of the water first. You will have to dip your hands on the hot water so make sure that you can tolerate the temperature before you submerge your hands on the water. Just let your hands or even just the fingernails rest on the water for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, the nail polish will soften up and will be easier to remove. Now, you have a lot of nail polish removal methods you can follow whenever you need to get rid of your nail polish to give way for a more fashionable nail design.

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