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How To Get Rid of Nail Ridges

Most people do not really care about their fingernails but what they do not know is that beautiful fingernails can make person appear way better. Clean fingernails make a good impression to other people. You can always tell if a person is clean and hygienic if he has clean fingernails. But one thing that makes them look ugly, aside from dirt, is the nail ridges.

Nail ridges are those lines that you see on your fingernails. There are vertical nail ridges, which are lines that run from the base of your nails to the tip. Another type is the horizontal nail ridges wherein the lines run from side to side of the fingernails. The position of nail ridges has different meanings. If it’s vertical, then it is simpler to get rid of. If it’s horizontal, then it might be a sign of some disease. If you have one of these types of nail ridges, here are some steps you can follow to get rid of it.

Set an appointment with the doctor

Before you take any action to get rid of nail ridges, it is best if you seek the help of a health professional. As mentioned, nail ridges can mean a lot more than just chapped nails. Some serious illnesses are associated with nail ridge symptoms. So before you try to remove it, consult a doctor.

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet

If you eat healthy foods, then there’s no reason why your body, from head to nail tips, shouldn’t be healthy. Add a lot of fruits and veggies to your diet. This will not just help you avoid those nail ridges, it will also make your body a lot healthier on the whole.

Increasing your good protein intake is also good as well. Nail ridges may be caused by insufficient protein circulating in your body. So taking more grains, eggs, chicken and fish and soy products might be a good thing as it helps rebuild cells in the body.

Water and more water

A healthy and balanced diet is not complete with water. Every day, take at least eight glasses of water. As much as possible, keep your body hydrated. Nail ridges are caused by dryness so locking in those liquids on your body will help those nail cracks to go away.

Moisturize your hands and nails

When you put on lotion, do not neglect those fingers and even your nails. Keep them moisturized as well because they also have the tendency to get dry and crack. Nail ridges can be prevented if you moisturize your nails. Some body lotion can do the trick but you can opt to get special moisturizers for nails for the best result.

Proper nail care

You can keep your nails clean and at perfect condition with nail buffer kits. Just simply get one if you don’t have any. Nail buffer kit is pretty easy to use. It helps maintain your nail smooth and ridge-free.

Call for a manicurist

A manicurist knows the most about nail care. If you have nail ridges and some money on your pockets, you can hire a manicurist for his services.  Not only will you be able to get rid of those nail ridges, you will also be up to date with the latest nail fashion when you seek for the help of a professional manicurist.

Now, you wouldn’t have to hide your fingernails from the spotlight. Once you have done these steps to get rid of nail ridges, your fingernails will be ready for the world.

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