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How to Get Rid of Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion or what is commonly known as stuffy nose is the term used when there is a blockage of the nasal passages. This is usually caused by swollen membranes because of inflamed blood vessels. This condition may be due to allergens, an underlying condition and the like. Nasal congestion can often affect your sense of hearing and sense of taste. This is also often accompanied by headache, cough and fever.

Having nasal congestion can really by annoying and since it is accompanied by a few more symptoms, you will really feel weak and unable to function well. So the moment that you feel that you are going to that path, it is best that you are geared properly. Here are some tips and home remedies to get rid of nasal congestion.

Drink a lot of fluids

This remedy can help you eliminate the germs and pathogens that are causing the congestion. Fruit juices are the best as they are rich in vitamin C which can help you immune system. It is also a way of rejuvenating your body by cleansing it from toxins and toxins. It is also better if this is accompanied by drinking water. We all know that water has natural nutrients that can help our body detoxify easily.


Steam will definitely help loosen up the congestion. The bottom line is that you have to inhale the steam. You can just pour boiling water into a cup and inhale the steam while it’s still hot. Another effective way is to add eucalyptus oil. It adds a minty cooling effect that will help loosen the congestion and can provide a relaxing effect. If you have a steamer apparatus, you can use that too. Just turn it on and let the steam surround you. It is best that you do this before sleeping so that you will have a more comfortable sleep.

Drink lots of fruit juice

Try to drink different kinds of juices from fruits. This will increase your recovery by a lot. Fruits are rich with nutrients, plus they are quite tasty as well so you do not lose anything. Vitamin C is your best friend so oranges and lemons are your strongest allies in the fight against the germs. The juice will help eliminate the allergies related to respiration and help raise your immunity.

Do exercise everyday

Exercising your body is another excellent way to quickly recover. While most would be too weak to even get up when they are experiencing nasal congestion, when you start stretching your body, you will be more pumped and energized. Keeping your body in good physical shape will strengthen your health so do not underestimate the benefits of exercising.

Adequate rest

Resting will do your body good in more ways than you think. If you get proper rest, your body can focus on recovery while you get to relax and enjoy sleeping.

Eat hot and spicy foods

Eating spicy food is another way to go. Soups, especially when spicy, will help clean the germs and toxic in your body meaning faster recovery time and a yummy meal to boot yourself.

Use inhaler and steamers

Using inhaler and steamers can help alleviate nasal congestion. They can help clear obstructions and mucous from your nose. It will result on your nose less stuffy as you recover. The inhaler or the steam coming from the steamer will open your nose and help you breathe easier.

Consult the doctor

Consult your doctor if your nasal congestion seems to be accompanied by serious symptoms. Your doctor will help implement a treatment plan for you to stop the congestion, like giving medicine prescriptions and other steps to prevent your condition from growing any worse.

Hot soup

The hot soup’s temperature will loosen the congestion and eventually clearing your nasal passageway. If you can also make your soup a little spicy, it would also be helpful. It jolts your mind awake and induces sweating as well thus assisting in loosening your nasal passageway. Just don’t make it too spicy as it can irritate the surrounding mucous membrane.

Consider an inhaler

An inhaler can be picked up at your local pharmacy and can easily clear up some of your nasal congestion.  The inhaler will disperse fumes into your nasal passage, allowing you to breathe easier.  You may have to do this every few hours as it won’t necessarily cure the problem, but rather relieve it for the time being.

Get your vitamins

Vitamins A, B and C are a great vitamin to consider when you want stop both cold and flus.  Whether you want to take it in a tablet form, or via various foods, these vitamins promote cell regeneration and strengthen the body’s defense system against sickness.

Sit over boiling water

A great natural way to get rid of your nasal congestion is simply by mixing salt and warm water.  Place the warmer water in a bowl and proceed to cup your hands and place the water throughout your nasal passage.  Be sure to avoid swallowing, so that it comes out your nasal passage, rather than down your throat.


This is a type of drug that can help relieve your nasal congestion. Most of these drugs have antihistamines in it so it can make you a little drowsy. However, there are available medications now that have a no-drowse effect so you can still do your daily activities. Some of them are:

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