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How To Get Rid Of Nematodes

Nematodes are actually roundworms that are found in the ecosystem. These organisms are very diverse and they can be found almost everywhere. There are about 28,000 nematode species and some of them are quite beneficial to the environment. However, there are also kinds of nematodes that are not really good for your plants. These are the parasitic nematodes. Instead of helping your plants, they infest it by feasting on the roots of your plants and crops. The bad news about nematodes is that they are very large in number and, once they appear in your lot, it is actually quite impossible to get rid of them all. Nevertheless, you can try to limit their number to lessen the infestation.

It is quite challenging to get rid of nematodes. It is a tough job to get rid of them. Nematodes removal requires patience. So if you are really determined to get rid of nematodes, be ready for a difficult task. Here are some things that can help you on how to get rid of nematodes.

Solarize them

When you do solarization, the nematodes will be fried up using natural heat. To do this, you should first till the soil and remove garbage, weeds and other dirt crops. After tilling the earth, you can now cover the area. Just get a thick tarpaulin and lay it on the area. You can also use layers of papers or cardboard boxes. Then, keep the cover in place by putting stones on the edges of the cover. Leave this cover on for a month or two. The heat from the sun will be trapped inside the cover, so that all the creatures underneath the cover will be fried to death, including the nematodes and even weeds.

If the time comes that the rain pours, you can just rearrange the tarpaulin and wait for weeks again.

Apply neem oil or sesame seed oil

Neem oil is said to be able to kill nematodes. If you suspect that there are parasitic nematodes on your lawn, you can just apply neem oil all over the area. Aside from neem oil, you can also use sesame seed oil, or just sprinkle sesame seeds around.

Sugar and water

Sugar is also another home remedy for nematodes. All you have to do is make a sugar and water solution. First, boil about a gallon of water or more, depending on the area of the soil you are going to treat. Then, once the water is warm enough, dissolve half cup of sugar into every gallon of water. Pour this solution directly on the roots of your plants. This will protect your plants from nematodes. You can also do this treatment even before you plant new crops.

Mix sawdust with the soil

Sawdust is also known to be an effective material that will lessen nematode infestation. You can just mix sawdust with the soil where your plants are growing at. Simply till your soil and add the sawdust.

Compost or fertilizer

Both aged compost and fertilizer create a protective barrier for your plants. You can just mix aged compost to the soil around your plants or use fertilizer. This will not just help you get rid of nematodes, but it will also make your plants healthier. Keep in mind that natural aged compost is much better to use than artificial fertilizer.

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