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How To Get Rid Of Nits

Lice are one of the most unwanted pests that can attack a human. It sucks blood from your head, leaves you scratching from too much itch and other big load of annoyances. Although lice can easily be seen and treated, its smaller counterpart is more challenging to get rid of. These are nits. Nits are basically eggs of adult lice. While lice crawl around your head, these lice stick to the strands of your hair, near your scalp. They will stay there for a few weeks until they hatch and become small lice. Adult lice can give birth to a number of eggs. So once these adult lice have laid eggs, even if you get rid of the parents, these nits will stay and continue the infestation.

Even though nits are harder to get rid of, its removal is quite similar when you try to eradicate lice from your scalp. The only difference is that you will have to be extra careful in searching for the nits on almost every strand of your hair. If you or a family member is having problem with lice and nits, you should attend to it right away before it can even start a breakout. Here are some useful tips that you can do in order to get rid of nits.

Comb it away

Lice are easily removed using fine-toothed comb although it may prove less effective with nits. Nevertheless, you can still try using fine-toothed comb to remove nits from your hair.

Apply vinegar to your hair

Before you buy some commercial products for removing nits, you can first do some home treatments using products from your kitchen. A classic example of remedies for nits that is readily found in your home is vinegar. Vinegar works well with a lot of head problems like dandruff and lice. Before you hit the shower, simply apply the vinegar to your scalp and to your hair. Let it work for 10-20 minutes then continue with your bath time. Repeat the process about twice a week until the nits have gone.

Apply some mayonnaise

Mayonnaise can also work well in removing nits. Simply apply the mayonnaise all over your hair. Part your hair in thin, small sections. Run a white cloth thru each thin, small section. Check the cloth and you will see some black nits on it. You can also use fine-toothed comb to remove any adult lice. Wash your hair afterwards with clarifying shampoo and clean water.

Treat your hair with olive oil

Olive oil is also a natural remedy for nits. Not only does it remove these unwanted things on your head, but olive oil also makes your hair more beautiful. Simply massage olive oil on your hair and scalp for a couple of minutes, then rinse it with shampoo or dish soap and water.

Use special lice shampoo

One of the easiest methods to remove nits from your hair is to use special lice shampoo. The formula of this product will poison and kill the lice and even its younglings. Some of lice shampoos are sold over the counter while some can only be bought with medical prescription. Once you have bought the lice shampoo, you can just follow the directions to know how to apply it. Usually, lice shampoos are just applied like normal shampoo.

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