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How to Get Rid of Noisy Birds

You got home late last night from work after a long week and you wanted to spend the weekend on the bed with a few extra hours of sleep. You open your eyes hearing birds happily chirping outside your house and you look at the clock and it is 6 in the morning. This is probably one of the worse things that can happen when all you want is an extra time on the bed.

There is no problem when birds flock to your yard and find something to eat, but the story is totally different if they start making noise. Noisy birds are just as bad as a noisy neighbor; the worst part is that they keep coming back without the care in the world. There are plenty of birds that usually make unusual noises and all you want is to get them off your property.

You don’t want to kill off these birds just because they are noisy, their crime does not warrant capital punishment. Besides, it may not be even legal in your area to kill birds. So the next best thing to do is read through the following list of things that you can do to get rid of those pesky, noisy birds:

Install shiny materials

Birds are startled easily, if they hear sudden movement or they see a sudden flash of light, they flee. If birds keep on perching on the tree you have in your yard, you can install shiny strips of Mylar around your property. When the wind blows, these materials would sway around and they would twirl. When the sunlight hits the Mylar, it will reflect the light around and it would scare off the birds.

Scare them with sounds

As mentioned earlier, birds can get scared of sounds as they think that this is a predator out to make them a gourmet meal. You wouldn’t want to add another set of problem by buying a real animal that will hunt the bird in your yard. Rather, you can purchase an electronic device that emits a sound when motion is detected. The device would automatically make a sound so you don’t have to activate it manually. Try to use varying sounds as birds may figure out that they always hear a sound but no predator comes after them.

Scare them with fake predator

Aside from installing electronic sound emitters, it would be a good idea to place “eye” balloons that look like a predator on the trees where birds roost in. By doing this, bird may think that there are predators in the area which can discourage them from trespassing in your yard. These balloons come in different designs to choose from.

Get rid of food source

Birds are attracted to your yard because they see something to feed on it. Their field of view is very wide and they can easily spot anything that they think as food. They would even come back for more if they see food items scattered on your yard. Cleaning up your yard is the first thing that you need to do. After that, put a cover in all of the trash cans where you throw leftover food so that they won’t feed on it. Small bugs and insects can also attract birds so make sure that you clean the yard to prevent bugs from thriving as well.

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