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How to Get Rid of Noisy Frogs

Getting a good night’s sleep can be a chore if you keep hearing noises in your surroundings. This can cause a big headache in the morning especially if you have to go to work. There are animals that are nocturnal; these animals are active at night. It would have been good if they are just active but it’s a totally different situation if they start making noises.

One type of animal that loves to make noises is frogs. There are several breeds of frogs that would make noises even at night. You can’t blame it on the frog to make these noises since they have a purpose for doing this. Frogs make noises to scare off predators or attract a mate; this stuff is built into their system and is necessary for them to survive.

Making a noisy frog shut up doesn’t simply mean walking into their area and ask them to stop croaking. There are different methods that you can do to make sure that noisy frogs leave you alone. Here are some of the things that you can do to get rid of noisy frogs and get that sleep you so deserve:

Get rid of food source

It’s no secret that frogs love to eat bugs, any kind of bugs that would fit in its mouth. One of the main reasons why animals are attracted to a particular place is that they find something to eat in that area. If you have a messy surrounding, the likelihood of insects and bugs infesting your house is possible.

By getting rid of frog’s food source, you lessen the chances of attracting them as well. Some of the things that you can do are cover trash cans and dispose of leftover foods properly. Make sure that biodegradable materials are thrown away properly since they can be a breeding ground for flies, one of the frog’s favorite meals.

Capture and relocate them

Killing frogs is not for everyone as they play an important part in the ecosystem. If you see frogs in your area, you should do your best to capture them then relocate them. You can use nets or glasses to get them. Once you captured the frogs, you should take them somewhere far from your area but not somewhere close to a residential area.

Repel them with different solutions

There are different mixtures of chemical solutions that you can use to kill off frogs in your area. First, you can use a regular strength bleach treatment that you can spray directly to the frogs. This is not the most viable solution in killing frogs since; as mentioned earlier, they play a part in the ecosystem. You can use a less brutal method which is the salt and vinegar solution, when this solution is sprayed on to the frogs; it causes them to feel a slight burn in their skin. Other solutions that you can use are caffeine and moth ball chemicals.

Take out possible habitats

Like any other creatures, frogs have habitats that are favorable to them. Just think about it as humans wanting to live in a house. They prefer wood piles, pots, shrubs, damp and dark places where they can thrive. Once you dispose of them, you should get rid of these materials to make sure that frogs won’t be coming back after you get rid of them.

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