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How to Get Rid of Nose Hair

You have been talking for a long time to a person and you notice that he can’t take a straight look in your face. Most of the time, we think we have something on our face that makes them feel uncomfortable to talk to us. But there are times that more embarrassing situations happen, like hair sticking out of your nose.

Nose hairs can be annoyingly embarrassing. The person we are talking to might be thinking of pulling it out for us. Aside from the embarrassment that it brings us, nose hair can make our nose itchy and can make us sneeze. It would be nice to have nose hairs inside the nostrils where they belong. A peek from them would make for a very humiliating experience.

Getting rid of nose hair does not mean that we should remove the whole lot of them. We don’t want our nose free from it since they are natural filters of the air we breathe. We just want to lessen the length of nose hairs to be sure that they don’t come out. Here are some of the things that you can do to control nose hair:

Clean the nostrils

Before you get down to business, it is a good idea to clean the nose first prior to cleaning. It would be hard to get rid of those nose hairs if dirt keeps clinging on them. You can wet a handkerchief and plug it inside the nose making sure that you get around the nostrils.

Pull it out

Getting rid of nose hairs can cause a sting but this pain is temporary and doesn’t even last a second. Use tweezers as they are small enough to fit inside the nose and it can grip the nose hair tighter when pulling. Do not attempt to remove a bunch of nose hair at a time as this can cause a great deal of pain. When you manually remove nose hair, make sure that you don’t use scissors to trim it as you are risking yourself of getting a wound. Remember that the inside of the nose is very sensitive and can get wounded fairly easily. When you decide to trim it, just trim the ones that are protruding outside the nose. Do not put the scissors inside your nose; and remember always have a mirror in front of you.

Use electronic trimmers

If you don’t like the stinging pain felt when pulling out nose hairs with tweezers, or you don’t want to risk wounding yourself, there are electronic trimmers available. Electronic nose hair trimmers can be purchased from department stores and they are fairly easy and safe to use. These trimmers fit inside the nose perfectly and would cut the hair all around without the risk of getting wound.

When you try this method, make sure that you don’t forget to do it weekly since trimmed nose hair can grow easily compared to the ones pulled. Also, be prepared to have a harder textured nose hair when you trim it.

Apply nose hair removal cream

If you want a hassle and pain free method in removing nose hair, you can apply nose hair removal cream. With a small amount of the cream, apply it in and around the nose. These hair removal creams have strong components so make sure that you don’t go deep inside the nasal cavity. Also check the product instructions to avoid getting yourself in any injury.

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