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How To Get Rid of Oak Gall

If you have an oak tree in your yard, you might have encountered seeing small circular, ugly brown balls sticking into its branch. These balls are actually called oak galls. Oak galls are brown or green balls that grow on oak tree branches. These round irregularities in oak trees are produced because of the insects that may be frequenting your oak tree.

It is common for oak trees to host these oak galls. They can grow on the oak tree’s barks, leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, and basically, every part of the tree. Oak galls are not really harmful. They do not have too much effect on the oak tree except for premature dropping of leaves and occasionally, bark damages. Probably, the most undesirable effect of oak galls is that it turns a beautiful, large oak tree into an ugly, big tree with unsightly oak galls. So if you have an oak tree with lots of oak galls, you might feel like removing them. Here are some things you can do to get rid of oak gall.

Get rid of the pests

If you want to get rid of oak galls, then you should get rid of the pests housing in your oak tree first. Oak galls are tree swelling which is promoted by the reaction of hormones coming from pests such as mites and oak tree worms, and the natural elements of the oak tree. Removing these pests is the first thing you must do to stop the growth of oak galls. Once you get rid of the pests, there will be lesser oak galls in your tree.

Wait for the leaves to fall

Oak galls lead to premature falling leaves. These leaves are most likely to be infested by insects and they might lead to reproduction of these gall-producing pests. When you see leaves falling from the oak tree, collect and destroy them. The best thing to do is to burn the fallen leaves but this process might be harmful to the nature.

Prune the oak tree

If there are only several branches affected by oak galls, then you can try to prune your oak true. By pruning your oak tree, you will get rid of the possible tree diseases such as oak galls and permit better air circulation for the tree, making it healthier. Because of pruning benefits, you might as well prune your trees even without oak galls because it can lead to a better, stronger and more attractive oak tree.

Control with chemicals

You can try using chemicals to get rid of oak galls although experts do not really promote these methods. Controlling oak galls with chemicals has not been proven effective yet, because there are no specific chemical designed for oak galls. You can do herbicide or pesticide spot treatment with them but it is not guaranteed to be too effective and efficient. Oak galls have natural elements from both the insects and plants so because it’s complicated structure, they can be hard to get rid of.

Ask an expert’s help

Gardeners might be able to help you with your oak gall problems. Although they might probably advice you to ignore the oak galls, some gardeners might have their own oak-gall removal tip. Visit your local gardeners association or ask an expert gardener around the neighborhood for help if you really want to get rid of oak gall.

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