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How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

Does your skin secrete too much oil than usual? Does it feel sticky and dirty just a few hours after you take an exhilarating bath? It is a natural mechanism of the body to secrete oil and body wax. In fact, it is actually a good sign if your skin has natural oils. It will keep your skin hydrated and even limit the appearance of fine lines and other signs of skin aging. However, there are cases when the glands secrete too much oil than is acceptable. When this happens, you might end up having too oily skin that can lead to several other skin problems.

Oily skin gives you that unclean feeling. It will make you feel sweaty and clammy. Moreover, the more oil there is on your skin, the more attracted dirt and bacteria will become. This can promote clogging up of pores that may result to appearance of acne, papules and other unwanted skin lesions. When your skin gets too oily, you should try to treat it and regulate your skin’s secretion of oil before you get feasted upon by dirt. Here are some tips and tricks that you can take note of to get rid of oily skin.

Wash with mild soap

When you have dry skin, you are suggested to use deep moisturizing soap. On the other hand, if you are dealing with oily skin, you should avoid the moisturizers and switch to mild soap. Of course, if your skin is already oily, you may want to avoid adding up some more moisture to your skin. Simply wash your skin with warm water first to open up the pores then wash gently but thoroughly with mild soap. Rinse with cold water.

Every day, you should wash with mild soap about twice a day. One is for your regular bath time; the other is a quick wash before you go to sleep. Note that excessive washing of your skin might even worsen your skin condition.

Use cleansers

Cleansers are products that work with oily skin effectively. It will remove dirt that has clogged up your pore. It also reduces the amount of oil in your skin. However, while alcohol-based cleansers will really remove the oil in your skin, it might end up stripping off too much moisture. So avoid the alcohol-based cleansers and only opt to use ones with mild formula.

Treat your skin with exfoliating scrubs

To remove the excess oils, dirt, and dead cells in your skin, you could treat your skin with exfoliating scrubs every now and then. These products can be commercially bought or made using household items. A common recipe for homemade exfoliating scrubs is a mixture of crushed fruits, some raw honey and tiny bits of oat meal.

Use blotting paper

Blotting paper is useful in instantly removing oils from the skin. If you are away from home and you cannot refresh your skin, you can just use blotting paper to remove the excess oils in your skin. You can then add some powder to your skin for that cooling effect.

Go to the dermatologist

If you have enough cash to pay for a dermatologist’s service, then you can visit one and inquire about your oily skin condition. The dermatologist will be able to give you more information and suggest different treatments that you can undergo to get rid of oily skin.

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