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How to Get Rid of Old Phones

Ever had that feeling when you get a new phone, a mobile phone perhaps, that you never ever want to be parted from it? Then in a matter of months come a new model of the same phone that you just bought and you decide to discard the phone you have to buy a new one. Well if this happens to you, you should consider not throwing your phone away in the trash can since there are hazardous materials installed on the phone that can seriously affect the environment. If you think that it’s just one phone, you’re throwing away then think again. How many people are thinking the same thing? If 5 million people thought of it then you should reconsider this option.

Batteries of old phones for example, are suggested to be discarded by their manufacturers since it contains chemicals that can harm the environment. This is the reason why old phones should be discarded properly. If you are ever tempted to just dunk your phone in the trash bin, you should read around and see what the effects it has to our planet are.

Remember that even a single phone not thrown away is better than nothing. So to help you with this problem, you can follow the suggestions listed below. You don’t need to spend money on something that you want discarded. Also this will make you feel better when done since you know that you did the right thing.

Trade it for a new phone

The scenario provided earlier only shows you that there are newer model phones coming out at a fast rate. And if you have the desire to buy a new phone and you feel that the phone you have still has some value in it, you can actually trade it in to get credits for the new phone that you wanted. Although not all stores do this, it still is worth a shot to ask them if they have this program.

There are times that you may be offered less for the trade in value but remember, you are already trying to get rid of this phone so there really is nothing to lose. Also, remember to keep the boxes and manuals as it adds to the value of the old phone. Using your current phone with care wouldn’t hurt as it can also increase the value.

Recycle it

You r old phone is no longer working, the keypad is all messed up and the batteries are dead…permanently. The screen is a wreck and the charger socket is loose. Obviously, the best thing to do with it is to introduce it to the trash can, or is it? Phone manufacturers and other environmentalists have stepped forward in collecting used mobile phones that are no longer working. They have set up drop boxes where you can literally just drop the phones in the container and they will do the rest. These boxes have identifying marks so you don’t accidentally drop the phone in a donation box.

Sell your phone

Another option to get rid of your old phone, granted that it still is working, is to sell it to other people. This way, you will be able to collect a decent amount of money from something that you have used extensively. You can sell it on auction sites as well as ad sites where other people can get in touch with you.

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