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How to Get Rid of Ombre Hair

The ombre hair style is popular and discovered largely amongst celebrities in Hollywood over anywhere else. For the last year, it seemed like every starlet in Hollywood was rocking ombré hair—that half brown, half blonde look. While the style is sexy in an edgy way, it also feels kind of lazy. It is seen in every red carpet events and shines one another by their new looks. What it entails can be a style of hair which has half blonde and brown and it has turn out to be a trend amongst the, who’s who in Hollywood divas to say the least. But is the ombré trend really over? As time goes it would seem that there’s much more in store as far because the trend is concerned.

Hair color concepts are evolving while time goes by.  This keeps each of the industries concerned like the style and Hollywood thrilling. We admit, the trend has aged gracefully. It is softer and more subtle. And I get that it save times and money at the salon, since your roots are already half-way down your head. Ombre will be a nightmare to dye over after you’ve tired of the trend. Looks like you’ll have to wait it out until your dark hair is long enough to cut. But don’t worry about that awkward “growing my hair out” transition period.  This style can be place only by one of the most qualified in the area as it calls for some skill to give out the desired result which can be by far one of the most intriguing as style analysts place it within the month-to-month testimonials this season.

Buy specific hair products

There are some products out which removes hair dye and restores hair to natural color. It also suggests which products to use if you wish to re-dye.

Get some roots

First of all you need to let your hair get some roots, anywhere between and 1.5″ to 2″ would be good.

Examine your hair color levels

Your hairdresser needs to examine your roots to determine what your natural hair color level is and what the level of the artificial hair color is.  If you have color on your hair and you want to go to a lighter color, you can’t use hair coloring to lighten it because artificial hair color will not lift artificial hair color that is already on your hair.

Keep in mind

Keep in mind that even if it has been four months since the last time you colored your hair, the chemical is still there.

Semi or demi permanent hair color

Ask your hairdresser if they can use a semi or demi permanent hair color. This type of hair color correction is a deposit only hair color that has no ammonia, no lifting and is not damaging to the hair.

Deposit a color to match

If you go into the hair salon and your natural hair color level is a level 6 and the hair color you have been using is naturally a level 3 then you are going to run into some problems. This means that you are going to have to go through and strip the artificial hair color off your hair and then deposit a color to match your natural hair color level.

What worked for you?

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