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How to Get Rid of Orange Hands

It’s funny how people are not satisfied with how they look and would stop at nothing to change themselves to appear differently. Some people would do their hair while others would make a fashion statement and there are people that would change the color of their skin. Tanning is probably one of the surest ways to change your skin color. You can do this naturally by bathing your body in the sun or use products that can provide you that tanned color.

There are lotions that you can use to give you a tanned color, the problem is that they come with side effects that is sure to make you scratch your head. What part of the body do you use to apply the lotion? The simple answer is your hands. Your hands get exposed to the chemical longer and this can result to orange hands. This term is used to describe over tanning a part of your body. Instead of a nice tan, what you get is an orange hue that can make your hands look like, well orange.

This is something that you definitely do not want in your body and it is fortunate that there are different methods that you can do to get rid of orange hands. If you want an even colored skin tone, keep reading as you will find out some of the things that you need to keep in mind to prevent you from getting those dreaded orange hands:

Exfoliate the skin

The skin is made up of several layers. Keep this in mind as it is one of the skin’s characteristics that can give you a lot of benefits. By exfoliating the skin, it removes the dead skin cells from the outermost layer. The outer layer of the skin is where the dyed part is and when you exfoliate, the dead skin cells will be removed together with the dyed part of the skin.

Before exfoliating the skin, it will be a good idea to soak it in hot bath as hot water can repel the effects of sunless tanning products. The top most layer of the skin will be softened as an effect of the hot bath soaking which will make it easier to exfoliate.

Wear gloves during application

If you really can’t avoid using sunless tanning solution such as tanning lotion, it would be best to invest in a pair of latex gloves that you can wear before applying the lotion to your body. The concept is very simple, by using gloves, you prevent any contact between the lotion and your hands which avoids you from getting orange hands.

Use self tanner remover lotions

If there are products designed to make your skin tanned, there are lotions that can remove the tan as well. You can purchase these hand in hand with tanning lotion as a sort of an emergency remover in case you do get orange hands. You just need to apply the lotion to the affected area and follow the instructions with the label to maximize the effect.

 Do it naturally

Now there is no procedure greater than doing things naturally. If you want that natural tanned color without the hassle of getting orange hands, go to the beach and expose that body to the sun. This will guarantee you that you can get the natural skin color that you desire without the side effects.

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