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How To Get Rid Of Pack Rats

Pack rats are one type of rodents that is very common in desert and other warm areas. These pests can give a homeowner a severe headache. Pack rats gather materials everywhere in order to make their nest or midden. When pack rats spot your home, they will create chaos on your garage, attic, and similar areas. They will chew on the wirings, insulations, woods, and other materials in your house. Small, shiny things also attract pack rats so you might be as well be extra careful with your jewelry and gadgets when you see pack rats around your home.

If your home is frequented by pack rats, then there are simple things that you can do to kill them. Eliminating pack rats can be quite tricky but easy. Of course, you will need patience to catch them but once you have caught all those pack rats, you will have more relaxing, pest-free days. Here are some helpful instructions you can follow in order to get rid of pack rats in your home.

Get some traps

The best way to get rid of pack rats is to set-up rat traps around your home and yard. Remember, pack rats are larger than usual mice so you need rat traps and not just mouse traps. If you do not have rat traps, then you can buy them on your local store. If you are a type of person who is not too harsh, then you can opt for glue traps instead of snap traps.

Add some bait

Cheese is the most common bait used in trapping mouse. Aside from cheese, you can also use peanut butter. Peanut butter attracts pack rats as well, and it might be even better since the pack rats will have a hard time getting peanut butter unlike cheese which is very easy to steal.

Set up the rat traps

Once you have the rat traps and proper baits, you can now place them around your home. Set the traps in places that you think is the possible entryway of pack rats. Place some traps inside and outside your house. If you want to catch those pack rats as soon as possible, you need to set up many traps around the perimeter. After you have set the rat traps, do not forget to warn your family members and friends about their location to avoid accidents.

Monitor rat traps

If the rat traps are in areas which are out of your sight, you might need to monitor your rat traps daily or every couple of hours. When you hear a snapping rat trap, check it right away for pack rat. If you used glue traps, you need to keep a close eye on them since those pack rats move quickly and there are chances that they can get away from being glued.

Remove the rats

When your rat traps worked successfully and caught the pack rats, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Wear mask and gloves to protect yourself from bacteria. Place the pack rats in a plastic bag and seal it. You can throw them away in proper garbage areas, or you can bury them on the ground. When the pack rats decompose, the remains will help fertilize the soil in your yard.

Clean the leftovers

After you have gotten rid of the pack rats, then you need to clean their nest, droppings and other waste materials. You can use vacuum and clean the area with bleach solution to remove the smell.

Call an exterminator

If the pack rats are just too much for you to handle, you can call an exterminator to help you with get rid of pack rats.

  1. denise Said,

    If you are a person that is not too harsh you will opt for glue… Seriously leaving an animal stuck in pain starving to death unable to move for days on end is not as harsh as a quick kill? sounds sadistic to me

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