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How To Get Rid Of Paint Smell

Dull, colorless houses are less than appealing so house owners opt to paint their house with lots of vibrant colors. Colorful paints can make a house stand-out. Fresh, new paint can bring out the beauty of your home but one of the most common problems that paint brings to people is its strong, bad smell. This paint smell can make someone dizzy and nauseous. Aside from that, inhaling too much paint fume can ignite respiratory diseases.

If you are having your home painted, you cannot escape paint fumes if you do not know the right things to do. The good news is that there are actually simple remedies that will help you get rid of paint smell. With these trick and tips, you can now get away with paint smell.

Choose odorless paint

There are already odorless paints that are being sold in different hardware stores. If you want to have your house painted anew without having to deal with paint smell, get high-quality paints. Usually, lower quality paints have stronger odor than those with high-quality contents. The downside is that this kind of paint can be quite costly. Nevertheless, if you choose odorless, high-quality paints, you will not just escape unwanted paint fumes, you can also be guaranteed a more superior house color.

Proper ventilation

Do not paint your house with the doors and windows closed. This will trap the paint smell inside your house, making the odor much stronger. Before you start brushing your walls with paint, make sure that the windows and doors are open so that the paint smell will not just circulate inside the room. You can also use electric fans to blow the paint fumes away. Running one or two fans that points toward the exit will help lessen the paint smell.

Use minimal paint thinner

Paint thinner can make your paint smell stronger. Paint thinner has its own distinct and unappealing odor as well and when you mix it with paint, the two different odors will combine and worsen the paint fumes. Do not use more than enough paint thinner as it can also lessen the quality of your paint.

Crush some charcoals

Charcoals are known for its effectiveness when it comes to getting rid of paint smell. Simple put several pieces of charcoal in a bucket, together with wet cloth. You can also crush the paint but avoid pulverizing it since the particles may stick to the wet paint.

Vinegar and water solution

Vinegar and water are great for absorbing unwanted smell. You can simply fill a bucket with water and vinegar. Place it on the center of the room while you are painting. The fumes will be absorbed by the water and vinegar solution.

Chop some onions

Like vinegar and water, onions also have the ability to absorb odor. Simply peel and chop some onions and leave them around the room where you are painting. You can place several pieces near the walls so that the paint smell will be more quickly absorbed.

Light some scented candles

You can try fighting the paint smell with aromatic fumes that come from burning scented candles. If you have scented candles in your home, you can place it on a table away from the walls or the painting tools. Just let it burn while you paint the room. Remember to be extra careful when using candles and keep them away from paint and other flammable materials to avoid accidents.  Another way to simply get rid of the smell is by lighting a wooden match and letting it sit in the middle of the room itself.

Bags of frangrances

Just like the scented candles, fragrances can work great as well.  It doesn’t’ necessarily have to be a fragrance, but it can be other items as well such as coffee, teas and even mint.  Place them in small bag and place it in the room with the paint.  Allow them to sit overnight.

Try a vanilla extract

By adding a vanilla extract to your paint, you can get rid of the smell before it even hits the wall.  What you’re going to want to do is take the paint outside, open up the lid and allow it to sit for 10 minutes.  Add about 1 teaspoon per quart, or 1 tablespoon per gallon.  This vanilla extract is going to neutralize the smell without ruining the texture!

  1. Subin Said,

    keeping mint plants inside works on all odours. These can be grown in small containers and brought inside for a few days at a time.

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